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Lots of Poker, Time for a Break

05 Oct 2010

Vilamoura, WCOOP's, WSOPE, EPT London, all back-to-back makes Daniel a tired boy. I had plenty of deep runs in several events, but didn't win the key pots late that would put me in position to win. I came 11th in the $10,000 8-Game WCOOP event, and my best finish over this stretch was my quarter-final finish at the WSOPE heads up event that Gus Hansen won (congrats Gussie!) Gus is really likable and easy to root for so it was nice to see him get his first bracelet.

I thought I played heads up and beat some formidable opponents: Carlos Mortensen, Juha Helppi, Chance Kormut, and Andrew Robl, before losing a tough match to Andrew Feldman who played well and also won the key pots.

I final tabled the main event at the WSOP two years in a row (2nd and 5th) and was poised to do it again down to about 5 tables until I lost a bit of an annoying hand. I'll set it up:

Earlier a guy raised and I 3-bet the button with Ac 7c and he 4-bet me. I folded and he showed 10-2. No big deal, well played. About 20 minutes later I was sitting on a 100k stack with blinds at 1500-3000. Same guy raises in late position to 7100 and from the small blind I re-raised him with AK and he 4-bet me all in again. Well I'd obviously never 3-bet fold in that spot with virtually any hand, so I figured it was a race or this guy had AQ which I was hoping. I call and he says "You are ahead." I show my AK and he turns over 33! I was a bit annoyed that he'd play the hand that way, seems pretty bad overall, but his 33 held and my dream of a third straight final table ended.

I headed over to play the EPT London and had my first cash in an EPT event. I lost a key pot to Arnaud Mattern that crippled me a little bit, and I think it's an interesting enough hand to discuss:

Blinds 2000-4000 Arnaud raised to 9500 from second position and I called with AK suited. There were two short stacks behind me and I felt it was a decent spot to have them move in with a hand like A-J and then I could call and snap them off, plus, Arnaud had more chips than me so I wasn't really looking to play a big pot with him ( I started the hand with 250k.)

The flop came A-3-4 rainbow and Arnaud bet 16,500- I called. The turn was an 8 which brought a backdoor flush draw and this time he bet 36,000, I called again. The river brought a 2 and he bet 86,000 which would leave me with about 70,000 if I called. It's a tougher spot than you'd think because Arnaud never has a straight here. There is no combination of hands that he plays this way that contain a 5 when you factor in his position and the fact that he bet both the flop and the turn. A-5 suited is a hand he'd play, but he's not betting that turn card with that hand.

So his hand is really polarized. Feels like I'm looking at either a set, or a hand like Qh Jh that bluffed at the flop, picked up a draw on the turn and fired another bullet, and then because I underrepresented my hand by not re-raising pre-flop, he may feel like he can move me off a hand like A-J or A-10. Most people I asked said I have to call here, and I asked a lot of people. Arnaud is a good player capable of firing three bullets, so because his range is so narrow I have to pay it off. I did... and he had 33! HAHA

I ended up doubling back up but then ran QQ into AA and that was the end of me. Since then I've had several meetings about the upcoming year in tournaments for PokerStars events like the EPT, NAPT, APPT, and of course the LAPT. PokerStars has really done a great job of creating local tours for people all over the globe and there are some fascinating places to visit. I'll be playing WPT Bellagio this coming week, and then I'll be back out to Europe for EPT Vienna. Also definitely going to Sydney and I'm more excited about that trip than any other. I'm going early, and plan to make a family vacation out of it. I spent a couple weeks in Sydney alone when I shot a cameo for Wolverine, but this time a large group of people is going so I think it will be a lot more fun. There is also the APPT Grand Final which I'll be playing.

Headed to Toronto today for a few key things: My hockey pool, my real passion, doing some commentary for the NHL Charity Shootout again, and also plan on going to the Leafs-Habs game at the ACC. Sorry to disappoint the Toronto posse, but I won't be rooting for the Leafs or the Habs necessarily. I'm a hockey fan, but I do not support the approach of the Leaf organization ever since they traded away Tukka Rask for Andrew Raycroft. When that trade happened I wanted to vomit, and now Rask is a superstar, no surprise there.

I'll hang with Mike and Ornella, catch up with some friends, then head back to my real home in Las Vegas... a little bit homesick at this point, and I need to get back in the gym. This trip is making me fat! Drinking, carbs, and no working out=a belly I don't want!

On that note, it's boarding time...


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