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WPT LA Underway

27 Feb 2010

At the PCA in Bahamas, I made it through day one, and eventually busted just outside the money. At the high roller, I made day two with good chips and went busto. I flew to Biloxi, got through day one with good chips and just missed the money. At the NAPT Venetian, I got through day one, had good chips on day, but once again just missed out on a cash.

The WPT Commerce is event is attempt #5 at a cash (not including the two special made for TV events I played, Premier League and Bounty Shootout) and I've kept half of my streak alive. I made it through day one for the fifth consecutive tournament. I had a good stack at one point, up to 60,000, but ended the day at the average with 29,075 after day one.

There was a decent number of players eliminated on day one, and there should be. It's this point on that the structure will REALLY allow for oodles of play. Here is how we go from here:

200-400 (50)
250-500 (50)
300-600 (75)
400-800 (100)
500-1000 (100)

That's ALL of day two! Day three is equally slow:

600-1200 (200)
800-1600 (200)
900-1800 (300)
1000-2000 (300)
1200-2400 (400)

There is a 900-1800 level! Most importantly, the antes NEVER drop below 25% of the small blind. Another rule for you tournament directors out there: never create a level where the antes are LESS than 25% of the small blind. If your only choice is to go with 16% or 33% of the small blind, go with 33%!
Smaller antes cause a stall in the action. Bigger antes, means MORE action, more confrontations, and just a much better game all around.
Another general rule for tournament directors: NEVER EVER create rules or structures geared towards appeasing the nits. The nits, by definition... are freaking NITS!!! A tournament should never award tight play, it should reward skilled play.


I watched the end of the Canada/Slovakia game and it had my heart pumping! Canada almost blew it, but held off the Slovaks in the end, phew. This sets up what could go down as one of the greatest hockey games ever on Sunday. The U.S. will face Canada for gold. A few people asked me who I'd be cheering for, and I was like, "What???" I am Canadian. I'll ALWAYS be Canadian, and I'll always root for Canada. I think this is the best U.S. team in history, and was really surprised that prognosticators dismissed them because they were "too young and inexperienced." That's silly talk. They are young, but they are also really freaking good. Prediction: Canada 4 U.S. 2.


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