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I Be Tired

25 Jan 2010

A long day of play and a good result in the end. I finished with 81,200 and half the field is gone. 208 players started, and there is around 104 left. I didn't hold a ton of hands, but played the ones I did get very well. I know I've put in a good effort when my hair hurts at the end of the night. My whole body is exhausted. Tomorrow we start up again at 2:00pm and we'll play down to 27 players. It actually shouldn't take longer than 12 hours since we aren't going to play 500-1000 or 1200-24000. That will help eliminate a decent amount of players, hopefully not me obviously.

I see that Phil Ivey just finished second in the Aussie Millions high roller which had 24 players. Ivey won $600,000 AUD. Phil Ivey is a REALLY good poker player, and that cash put him #1 on the all-time money leader list! It's actually kind of fun for me, I'm glad he did so well because it motivates me to try and pass him again. I was up about $200,000 so I think I'll need to finish 2nd or 1st to regain the lead. Should be a fun year from that perspective. I know Ivey is playing lots of tournaments this year. People underestimate how many tournaments he plays. It doesn't seem like it, but he's at most all of the big tournaments.

It's my belief that Phil Ivey is the best poker player in the world, and that includes every format. I've played live with him, and cash, Hold'em, Stud, Omaha, whatever, and he is just the most consistently good player at everything- include online based on what his results look like. I don't think anyone has won more money online, live play, or tournament poker, than Ivey. Pretty strong.

Another misconception about Ivey is that he "Doesn't really care." He does. He definitely cares, because he is a competitor. It's not all about the money for him, otherwise he wouldn't bother. I think he's got something to prove in 2010. Not to the poker world, everyone with half a brain knows that Ivey is the best. I think he has something to prove to himself. 2010 could be a monster year for him.

I plan on having a big year this year also as I've mentioned in pretty much all of my previous blogs. Ivey is a motivating factor for me. I think I'm getting better at no limit hold'em, thanks in large part to playing on High Stakes Poker with Ivey, Durrr, and Patrik. I just learned SOOOO much from that three day session. I learned #1) that they are just so much better than everyone at NLH, #2) that I could learn a lot by paying attention to what they do, and #3) that I'm not that far off skill wise compared to where I thought I was. I get what they do, I'm just not as experienced as they are, but that will come... because I plan on practicing and getting better. It's already paying off and I'm really enjoying the process.

You'd have to be living in a complete fantasy world if you didn't realize how much better the average player is in these tournaments. This isn't 2003 anymore. The game has evolved and I'm personally excited about it like never before! It's really fun playing against great players. Makes you work harder, because if you don't, you'll just get outplayed and be outclassed.

This always happens in poker. When I was in my early 20's I would look around the table at many of the "name players" and think, "These guys are just so weak. I could crush them." They just got stuck in a mindset and didn't want to, or didn't know how to adjust. Many of them actually resented the "new style" of poker and just chalked it all up to luck. I'm seeing it now too all the time. I see guys who used to win say the most ridiculous things about how the game is a "joke" now and that there is no skill left. It's so backwards! It's even MORE if a skill game then before and it's not even close.

Back in those days you could win tournaments just by chopping away since players didn't play back at you often enough, and when they did, you could just let it go and raise the next pot with little resistance. Now, there are MORE people fighting for the same pots. It used to be that if you were in a 9 handed game you might find two good, aggressive players and they'd kind of take turns robbing everyone. These days, you often have 5 guys at the table trying to be the alpha at the table. More hunters, and less game to hunt. The hunters can no longer comfortably share the prey, now they must fight each other over the soft spots. I love it. It's hard, but I love the challenge and am totally devoted to being the guy who fights the hardest.


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