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Delta- A Love Story

15 Jan 2010

Dear Delta,

In the past honey, we have had our issues. I wasn't exactly happy with all the things you did, but I've grown since then. More importantly, YOU have grown into such a beautiful, strong airline!

I can't express how happy you make me. Being in the air, talking to you right now, it's so dreamy! For so long I've begged for this day. For the day you would open up your heart to me and allow me to play on PokerStars while I fly. You are so special to me baby.

No other domestic airline will do honey, you are the only one I want. Delta... you complete me. This is the fairy tale ending I've always dreamed of.

For years all I do is complain about subpar flying experiences, but this is just the best thing EVER! I love you Delta, just please don't ever take my internet away.


This is just so cool. Finally! My first ever flight with internet access and it is just such an amazing feeling to stay in touch with the world and kill time by playing on PokerStars while I fly. Just awesome.

I had a few meeting about the NAPT and other stuff before leaving, and am really excited about the NAPT. The NAPT will get lots of television exposure and we have some amazing ideas that will make the NAPT very special, and very successful. I can't wait!... but I'll have to. At least until February 20th at the Venetian in Las Vegas for the main event. Put that one on your calendar people, you don't want to miss history.

I know a lot of you guys are looking for your "15 minutes" and the NAPT will offer you several opportunities to show the poker world "what you got." It's an exciting time for poker.

I have a few things to take care of in Vegas this week, and then I'm going to make the trek out to Biloxi for the WPT event there. I've never been to Biloxi, and my only concern is the same concern I often have on the road: food. I never had a good experience with Tunica in the past, but I'm hoping Biloxi has more healthy food options. It's funny, though, that despite starving in Tunica, I have an amazing track record in the south. Maybe when I'm hungry... it actually makes me, um, hungry? HA.

Anyway, I'm very excited about my poker game right now. My mind set is excellent. All is clear, I feel strong, and I feel like I'm a threat to go deep in every event I enter. I am certain, as mentioned before, that I am going to have some big scores in 2010.

For you junkies looking for your poker on TV fix, the Caesars Cup followed by the WSOPE begins airing on ESPN on January 31st. Set your tivos accordingly.

How cool is it that I blogged from an airplane! YES! The future is here, and Daniel is a very happy boy :-)


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