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If You are Too Cool You are a Tool

18 Sep 2009

I don't do a lot of "cool" stuff, at least as far as society would be concerned. I don't do the VIP Vegas thing, going to clubs and being all "connected" with the casinos. I honestly don't go out all that much at all. If we go out, we usually go to Ichiza and then Zizzy. Ichiza is a Japanese restaurant on Spring Mountain where we eat a little bit, but mostly drink sake and act like fools making fun of each other and behaving pretty obnoxiously. We are just really loud as a group so if you ever sit next to us while we are out, and you are easily offended, I suggest you find another table! Last night we really ripped on my friend John Smith. We tried to get him to say the word ginkonut properly (ginkonut is like a sweet/salty kind of dessert) and I couldn't stop laughing. He would say shzzzzingo nut. We tried to get him to pronouce the G and we did all kinds of drills. "John, say Gary." He'd do it no problem. We got him to say like 5 words in a row pronouncing the G, then he'd try ginkonut and surprise, surprise, schhhhhingonut. LOL I was laughing so hard my sides hurt.

If people can't hang with my crew they just aren't my kind of people. The type of people who have to do something "cool" like go to a club, etc. bore me. I'd rather play video games and play pool at my house with friends than go out to a club. It's just not my scene at all. I usually find that scene superficial and really boring.

So I'm losing a close friend this week. He's not dying or anything, but he's decided to move to Korea. We've been good friends for the last 18 years or so and he'll be missed. He's a super chill dude, and always up for doing something. I think him moving to Korea is the right move for him at this point in my life, so I'm happy for him, but it's going to suck not having him around.

Last night after a sake energy boost I started getting aggressive. I felt like play fighting, so I ended up sparring with my buddy who can kick some serious ass. I woke up today, shin bruised, sides sore, and feeling like there was a welt on my stomach. It was so worth it though! I wanna fight now it's such an adrenaline rush! I learned some really good moves last night, mostly Muay Thai stuff, but all moves that relate to street fighting. A few simple tricks, and with those alone I have a boost of confidence if someone ever tries to mess with me.

I woke up too late today for the WCOOPs, I didn't get home till about 9:30am. So today the plan is to veg, study the football and hockey, and relax. Tomorrow is a big WCOOP day for me. The $2000 8-game goes tomorrow and I'm really excited about that one. Then the next day we have a double dose of huge action: the $10,000 HORSE event and the WCOOP main event. I'll be on the couch all day.