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Daniel - Poker Journal

Crazy weird session in my heads up match

06 May 2009

Started out with him grinding out like $4000 lead and then things started to really get swingy. He got the $4000 lead on this hand:

1) He raised the button to $150 I called with Kd Jd. Flop was K-J-T all spades. I checked, he bet 150, I made it 450 he called. Turn a 9, I check called 1100. River 9, I check called 2000 he showed Q-10 for the straight.

2) Not too long after he made it 150 I called with As 3d. Flop 10-6-2 all spades. I check-raises to 450 again, and he raised 950 more. The turn was an Ace, I checked and he shoved for like 3500. I wanted to fold, but made the call. He showed 9s 3s for the flush.

3) A weird hand, I made it 150 from the button with 3-5 off, he re-raised to 450. Flop 9-8-3 he checked, I checked. Turn was a 6, he checked, I bet like 650, and he raised 1100. I called. River was a 5, he checked I checked. He showed JJ, I won that one.

4) He raised I called with 5d 7d and the flop was Q-9-3 two diamonds. I check-raised. The turn was a 6 giving me a double gutter. I bet it, he called. River Queen, I check folded. I missed tons and tons of draws like that throughout the session.

5) He raised the button I call with K-10. Flop was K-8-7 with two diamonds, I check-raised to 450. The turn was an Ace, putting backdoor clubs on board. I check called 900. The river was the King of clubs, making the flush back door and giving me three kings. I check called 2250 and he showed AK.

6) I played this one too strong: He raised and I re-raised to 450 from the blind with AK. Flop was A-10-10 I bet 450 and he raised me. I called. The turn was a 4, I checked, he bet 1900, I min-raised to 3800, he went all in, and I folded. He wrote in the chatbox that he had J-10.

7) I called a raise from the blind with Ah Qs and the flop was J-8-5 two hearts. I check called 150. The turn was a 10, I check-raised and he went all in. I was forced in after the raise and missed the double gutter. He showed 55.

8) Just near the end of the session I raised to 100 with 56 and he re-raised to 400. I called. Flop was 4-7-8 with two spades. he bet 450, I made it 1200, he re-raised, I shoved. He called me with AA and I won that pot.

In between I missed a ton of big draws. If I was more aggressive with them I may have lost more, but overall I didn't do that bad losing $10,704 in 501 hands. We are now half way through the match and it's very close, with me behind by close to a buy in.

That is all...