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A Live Misclick of Sorts!

30 Apr 2009

I was seated in the higher section near the curtains and the lighting was kind of dark. I get involved in a pot with Hevad Khan where the board is K-7-5-3-4. Flop was check-check and the turn I bet, he raised, I called.

On the river I looked over at his chips, noticed the blue chip and for some reason it didn't compute for me. I was like "What's that chip? Actually said that o the turn. Looked just like the 500 chip which meant Hevad only had about 4000 in chips left so I decided to turn my hand into a bluff of sorts since I was going to have to call 4000 anyway.

I put him all in, then I'm told I owe 14,000! I had never seen a blue chip in the whole tournament, and no one else at the table had one. So instead of having 18,000 in chips I was now down to 8,000. My fault, but it was a bit annoying to go down like that. Hevad called me with two pair and won the pot.

Then two hands later on the button I went all in with K-6. The big blind decided to call me with... Aces, lol. That's that- goner.

I can't remember the last time I missed a day two in a tournament, but lately I haven't been able to get any real chips at the key stages. So now this turns into a mini vacation, although I "may" play the high roller event tomorrow. We shall see. Other than that I'll be gearing up for the World Series of Golf the the World Series of Poker $40,,000 buy in.