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I have some wishes for Michael Vick and others

19 Aug 2007

I havenít been this mad in a pretty long time, but I just canít even look at Michael Vickís face without wishing him severe pain and misery. Thoughts of having these killer dogs that he was involved with breeding and fighting, rip his arms and legs to shreds. He deserves it. He seriously deserves to suffer.

Watching this HBO Real Sports episode about dog fighting just makes me so sick to my stomach. Maybe because Iím a dog owner, or maybe just because I hate seeing cruelty. The people involved in the dog fighting industry are among the scum of the earth. If you are one of those people reading this, that means you.

I know revenge isnít the answer, but Iím human and my first instinct is that I want to see Vick receive the same type of punishment that he put these defenseless dogs through. I canít even fathom why, or how any human could do something like that?

Then again, itís totally in line with our history. In the old days, women were seen as less important than men, and since men had the ďpowerĒ many women suffered. They still do of course in many parts of the world.

Then you have racism. Blacks were considered ďlesserĒ people and used like horses and dogs as slaves. Racism in the world has come a long way in my opinion, but itís still a problem along with sexism.

One thing thatís rarely talked about, though, is speciesism. Humans can be really nasty. Just because we ďcanĒ we often take advantage of, and abuse power in very inhumane ways.. Sick people get their rocks off by bullying people or hurting others that they are physically stronger then. What goes around comes around, though, and when guys like Michael Vick are brought to justice I see it as a small victory for the meek. I just hope the NFL banishes him from the league and that he gets oodles of jail time.


I havenít played any poker recently, but late tonight Iíll be flying to Los Angeles to shoot a couple days of footage for an educational product Iím working on. It should be fun as Iíll have a lot of my buddies out there to help out and I think what we are doing is going to completely change the way poker is learned.

Straight from LA Iíll be flying to Manila, Philippines for the launch of a new poker tour, the Asian Pacific Poker Tour sponsored by PokerStars. Iíve never been to any Asian country and that has be a little anxious actually. I have no idea what to expect at all. From there, Iím heading to Barcelona for the first spot on the EPT tour. Iíll also be staying there a few extra days for the World Cup of Poker, a unique event created by PokerStars that pits country against country in an Olympic style event. Costa Rica have already won the World Cup twice, but with Canada qualifying, Iím hoping that I can help bring the Cup to Canada, eh.

From there Iím scheduled to fly directly to London for the WSOP Europe, but Iím considering canceling that trip entirely. Then, Iím supposed to fly back to London for their EPT event, but Iím probably going to cancel that too. Why? Well, because I want to golf!

I golfed everyday recently and the last two rounds I shot were my worst rounds in ages, but I was hitting the ball much, much better. I changed a few things with my swing and am now much longer and more consistently hitting the ball flush. Itís not all that strange that my scores are going up but Iím getting better, I think thatíll happen until I figure out how far Iím hitting clubs now.

Golf is not the only reason Iím planning on canceling some trips, the main reason Iíve decided to do that is because itís just too much. Also, I really need to spend more time on that educational project, my hockey pool, fantasy football, etc. I also want to start playing a bit more online and trying to become a winning player. Focus is a major problem for me online, and also, not being able to see my opponents is a significant disadvantage for me.


On another note, today is my two year wedding anniversary. All those that bet the over can now safely collect J