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Joe Rogan Revisited

03 Feb 2007

Joe Rogan posted a blog responding to my comments about him in my blog. When I remembered what was said in that interview two years ago, I remembered feeling like he was mocking me in some ways.

Well, after listening to the whole thing and reading Joe's response, I'm wrong. Just plain wrong. Joe actually made a good point in his blog saying, "Daniel, I know youíre reading this, so I want you to know, Iím not mad at you. Not even a little. I think weíve all had moments in our life where our ego twisted reality into a distorted perception of the truth. Iím sure that you were hyper sensitive to what I said because you had just recently broken up with your ex, and although you were trying to say that the scenarios I was describing werenít bothering you, they were, A LOT."

It all happened so quickly and as I mentioned before, the set up was very chaotic on the show. Seriously, maybe it's just when they are on location that things get a little wild, but things seemed uncomfortable right from the get go.

Picture this: some girl asks me to go on the show saying something like, "they really wanted to have you on," then you get on the show, sit there for a few minutes, and then realize that no one has a clue who you are! LOL, it's just a little awkward, so I was uncomfortable from the start.

Then I start hearing about black dudes doing this and that and I was like, what the ??? It felt a little odd, mostly because we didn't know each other. Also, despite this being an ex (who I ended up marrying anyway), I didn't think ill of her at the time.

Anyway, I'm glad that Joe wrote what he did in his blog, because it gave me a chance to actually listen to the show and realize that I took things personally, but they weren't meant to be personal. I really did distort the reality of the situation a little bit, and I owe Joe and the show an apology. Seriously, I feel pretty silly about it right now.