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27 Nov 2006

The day after mutilated, steroid and hormone injected, dead bird day, we all headed out to the Grand Rapids Griffins and Chicago Wolves game. Strangely enough, the last time I saw the Griffins play in 2004 they played Kari Lehtonen and the Wolves then too.

Before going to the game, I warned all those coming that the Griffins were probably going to lose again. Chicago was 13-4-1 on the season and the Griffins had lost 7 straight.

We had several kids with us seeing their first game, and wow, did they ever get the royal treatment. We sat in the best seats I've ever seen for a hockey game. I've been in private boxes before, but that doesn't let you be a part of the game as much as I'd like.

Well, the Griffins have a new VIP section complete with Lazy-Boys and tons of room for the kids to run around.

On this night, they were retiring the number of Travis Richards, who played with the team for 10 years. It was a beautiful ceremony, something you rarely see with minor league teams.

I met Travis on my last trip as well, and he was seated right above us for the game. The kids got to met him which was pretty cool.

On hand for the game were: Me, Lori, Lori's parents Sandi & Roger, Lori's sister and family Jodi & Mike along with their kids Luke & Lin. Our friends Matt (FCP Info 2) and Amy, along with their daughter Aliya and Amy’s niece Brianne.

For Luke, Lin, and Brianne it was their first time at a game. When we bought a jersey for Luke, he was scared of the "monster" on the jersey (the Griffins logo) and didn't want to wear it. When he saw that we all were wearing one, he finally put it on.

Anyway, the game was a lot of fun and the Griffins were up 5-1 late in the third period... then all of a sudden, it was 5-4! The Griffins held them off, though, winning 6-4.

After the game I brought the kids back to the locker room and the players signed the new jerseys.


The next day we flew back to Vegas and I haven't been outside the house since. That Saturday night I was watching the hockey games and then spent virtually the whole night doing hockey statistics and talking to people in the FCP forums. Seriously, I ended up with the MOST posts out of everybody on the day, posting close to 80 times!

There was some poker talk, but mostly I was in the NFL football forum trying to get some help with who to start at RB on Sunday:

Mewelde Moore, MIN.
Justin Fargas, OAK.
Samkon Gado, HOU.
Deshaun Foster, CAR.

The majority thought I should go with Gado over Fargas. Then with about 30 minutes before kickoff, they confirmed that my star RB Willis Mcgahee would be playing for Buffalo despite cracked ribs! I didn't think he'd play much so I went with Gado.

*Sigh* Gado did nothing and McGahee scored 2 TD's! I spent all of Sunday sweating the football games since I had a huge game against Erick Lindgren this week.

I was behind by a lot going into the Giants game but had Shockey and Burress going for me. Problem was, he had Eli Manning. As it turned out, Manning threw two late INT's and Burres and Shockey both did well for me.

Going into the Sunday night game I needed 8.85 points from Brian Westbrook. He was projected to have 10.63 so I felt good about my chances.

Late in the fourth quarter, Westbrook went in for the TD and I went berserk! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS! That was my post in the forum.

Immediately after the TD I called E-DOG. He answered the phone with this, "You don't really think I'm going to answer this call do you?" And he hung up, LOL.

Now, since getting back from Grand Rapids I still hadn't slept at all. For some reason, I still wasn't all that tired so I watched some TV. 20/20, 60 Minutes, and an AWESOME episode of Survivor where Yul made a brilliant move to take control of the game. The show is really getting good now.

Speaking of TV, tonight, the greatest show on television is on again. If you aren't familiar with what I'm talking about, then you've never seen Heroes. Watch it from the beginning, I think you can do that online. Wa Wa Wee Wa, what a great show!

Anyway, the wife just got home and we are making tacos (minus the dead cow, we have fake ground beef :-)