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I feel like a Proud Pappa

19 Jun 2006

Brian flew out to Las Vegas a couple of days early so that we could hang out, play some golf, discuss strategy, and then travel to Lake Tahoe together. On the 14th, Brian and I played a round of golf at Angel Park.

We were scheduled for a late flight on the 15th so we decided to play a round that afternoon at TPC Summerlin. This time it was a foursome along with Boston Rob and my caddie Josh. Not knowing how everybody played I set up some handicaps for everyone and let Boston Rob pick his partner. He picked Fidler… big mistake!

Fidler absolutely stunk it up on the golf course. His score card looked like: 8 8 8 7 8 9 6. He has an awesome swing and USED to shoot in the 80’s, but that was a while back. Boston Rob was playing pretty well, but there was no way he could win with Fidler looking to break 120!

From the golf course we went back to my place and we watched some of the hands from Fidler’s final table when he won the protégé contest. It was an excellent tool to teach him a few things and he “gets it” immediately. No kidding, once he recognizes a mistake I think it’s one he will never make again. He has such poise and emotional stability as well.

When we got to the airport we ran into “Chow Chow” (Chau Giang) and David Williams. The first thing those two did was crack open a pack of cards and started playing Chinese Poker.

Fidler will likely have a blog ready for all of you when the tournament is over discussing his amazing run. I’ll make sure to point you all to it when that’s done.

As for me, I had another early exit. I feel a little like Butch Harmon these days. A Butch Harmon is a great golf instructor but he doesn’t win major championships! At the same time, with Father’s Day just passing, I also feel like I proud pappa. Fidler is just tearing it up and I’m so proud of his performance.

His run here really gives the Protégé contest a beautiful story. He’s already earned $6000 as the protégé winning two online heads up matches, and now he has a chance to not only win close to $400,000 in Tahoe, but if he wins, he’ll also qualify for a seat in the Tournament of Champions- a $2 million free roll.

I’m obviously still in Tahoe rooting him on and providing him with as much information as I can. That still didn’t keep me off the golf course though! I’ve golfed early everyday so that I could be there at the tournament sweating Fidler.

Lake Tahoe is absolutely gorgeous. The golf courses are tougher than what I’m used to, but that just makes it even more fun. Hidden greens, trees every, tighter fairways… all that balloons up my score a little bit, but not too bad. I played at Edgewood twice and also played an unread course in Incline Village.

In fact, on yesterday’s day off for the players before the final table, Fidler came out with me, E-DOG, and E-DOG’s dad. Fidler hacked it up on the course again, but the good news is, that didn’t cost him any chips!

He is currently the chip leader in a big way with 639,000. That’s almost twice as many as any of the other players.

Before we headed out to the golf course that day, though, I had a little bit of poker to play myself. First, I played in a stage 3 qualifier for the FCP $5 Million Guarantee Classic. I won that (yeah!) and am really looking forward to that tournament.

Then it was time for an FCP Heads Up League Match. My Cheap Thieves team started out 4-1 on the season, but we’ve since lost three straight. Our whole division came into week 9 at 4-4. Jayboogie was 3-1 for us, I was 1-2, and cfinnn was 0-1.

My match this week was against a division rival and was also the only team that I’d beaten! I won that match in 18 minutes and the Cheap Thieves are back on top of the division at 5-4. The other two teams in our division, Cigar Lovers and C.C. Riders, are playing in the Monday night match up.


Last week I was part of a fun ESPN WSOP Fantasy draft along with Phil Gordon, Mark Seif, Scott Fischman, and a few others. I seriously think I drafted a killer team that can play all the games well and are legitimately good “poker players.” My picks in each round went like this:

1. Erick Lindgren
2. Ted Forrest
3. Huck Seed
4. Scotty Nguyen
5. Josh Arieh
6. Carlos Mortensen
7. Jennifer Harman
8. Todd Brunson

Here is a look at all of the teams:

Seif: Juanda, David Pham, T.J Cloutier, Howard Lederer, Doyle Brunson, Minh Nguyen, Marcel Luske, David Benyamine
Fischman: Fischman, Cunningham, Antonius, Dicken, Cousineau, Goehring, Jordan Morgan, Pescatori
Chops: Barry Greenstein, Men Nguyen, Gavin Smith, Chad Brown, Mark Seif, John Phan, David Williams, Mike Gracz
Rosenbloom: Ivey, Hellmuth, Chan, Robert Williamson III, Liebert, Violette, Laak (No Tilly), Vahedi
Feldman: Negreanu, Michael Mizrachi, Mike Matusow, Kenna James, Bill Edler, John D'Agostino, Lee Watkinson, Peter Feldman
Negreanu: Lindgren, Forrest, Seed, Scotty Nguyen, Arieh, Mortenson, Harmon-Trianello, Todd Brunson
Lee: Ferguson, Seidel, Flack, Phil Gordon, Bonyadi, David Chiu, Corkins, Giang


Ok, it’s almost 1:00pm right now and Fidler’s final table is set to start in a little over an hour. If you’d like to follow his progress throughout the day I’ll be providing frequent updates from my cell phone and you’ll be able to find them in the following thread.