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FCP will Host the Biggest Online Poker Tournament in History

24 Mar 2006

OK, I have a lot of stuff to announce that you all are definitely going to want to know about. Before I get to those announcements, though, here is a snippet of a phone conversation I had earlier today:

When telemarketers call my house, they are in for a real treat. I used to watch the show Crank Yankers, where people would make funny crank calls, and while I don't do that, when people call me at home, I fee like it's fair game!

Telemarketer: Hello there, my name is Rob...

Me: Hellooo Raub, How r you? (I said in a very thick Russian accent)

Rob: I'm good thanks. I'm calling on behalf of the Nevada police department and we were trying to...

Me: Police? No, I no want trouble. Is police for me?

Rob: No sir, I'm calling on behalf of the police...

Me: Maybe my son? He is in trouble again? Marcooooo!!! Where are you? You drink in the park again? Mr. Rob, Marco is in trouble? He is bad boy again?

Rob: No, no, no sir, your son is not in trouble, you are not in trouble.

Me: If he did bad things again don't worry I fix him good. Marcoooo!!! Come here? What you did boy? Bring me my broom so I can fix you!

Rob: Sir, your son is not in trouble. I'm calling on behalf of officers who have been hurt in the line of duty.

Me: No, my son he don't shoot the police. He shoot the police? Marcooo!!!

Rob: Sir, this has nothing to do with your son. We are accepted donations on behalf of the Nevada police.

Me: OK, you want money, yes?

Rob: Well, not exactly, we are accepting donations on behalf of fallen officers and were hoping that we could send you a package and then have you send a donation.

Me: I am no rich man. You know, I work hard, 38 hours a day you know, work wit my hands to make bricks and put on the wall all day. Is hot here, you know?

Rob: We understand that sir, and we have individual donations for as little as $20. If we could have your address we could send out a package.

Me: Ok, ok, so I can think about yes? I don't pay right now. I maybe make some money this week in working and see.

Rob: Ok sir, fantastic, so if I could just have your name sir.

Me: Is Vladimir.

Rob: Could you spell that please?

Me: Yes. V iel

Rob: I'm sorry what was that?

Me: V like in Victor but my name is no Victor ok?

Rob: Ok.

Me: V L A D I M I R

Rob: And the last name?

Me: Krutov: K R U T O V

Rob: Ok just to verify that's Vlarirmore Kersuv?

Me: Yes, correct.

Rob: Spelt V L A V I V M O R K E R S O I V

Me: Yes, perfect- you good boy.

Rob: Ok and your address please?

Me: I live in 4100 Snake Shorts.

Rob: 4100 Snake Shorts?

Me: No! I said 4100 Spring River!

Rob: 4100 Spring River then?

Me: You say sprint or spring? I say spring.

Rob: Ok sir, this phone call is being monitored so if you could just confirm that you are committed to sending at least a $15 donation we can send that out to you right away.

Me: No, no, my wife is no here. She know business. She is speak better English than for me. If I do and she don't know she kill me. She is strong like bull.

Rob: Ok sir, but can we confirm that you will send the donation?

Me: Maybe is better you call later. My wife she is still work in the shop. She come home may 2:00am and I talk wis her. If she say ok, if she say no, then is no. She can eat me you know?

Rob: Ok sir, we'll send that out right away. Thank you for your time.

Me: Thank you. Marco is good boy but sometime do bad things you know. Please don't take him.

Rob: Ok sir, no problem.

Me: Ok, bye bye, and be a good boy ok?

I do this kind of thing all the time and I get a big kick out of it. I actually get excited when I see telemarketers call the house, it helps me practice my shtick, lol. I put in on speakerphone so Lori could here, and she almost choked on her dinner, lol.

Ok, enough about that. Right now I'm getting ready to head out with the boys. Then tomorrow, I'm flying to LA for the day for a charity poker event.


Now here is the truly exciting news. I am so thrilled with FCP's decision to affiliate themselves with the OnGame network, and the following promotion is something I'm very excited about. So without further adieu, here are the details:

FCP Presents: The Poker Classic
Full Contact Poker players have the opportunity to participate in the Largest Online Poker Tournament In History.

The Ongame Network Poker Classic is a tournament with a record-breaking guaranteed prize pool of $5 million and at least $1 million for the final winner. This will be the largest-ever guaranteed prize for an event that starts online. It is an exclusive event open to Full Contact Poker players.

*Look for special FCP qualifying opportunities and a unique FCP exclusive bonus prize package to be announced soon.

Sit & Go and Scheduled tournament-based qualifiers start on Monday, March 27th. Players can proceed through various levels which start at $1 – and who knows, $1 could lead to $1 Million.

Live Tournament Final in Barcelona, Spain

When the online final is down to the last 45 players, the tournament will freeze and then will continue live at the beautiful Casino de Barcelona during the weekend of September 30th to October 1st, 2006.

All players qualifying for the live event are guaranteed to be in the money. Players will keep their chip stacks accumulated in the online phase, and all winnings paid out will be to the players’ online accounts.

Blinds will be adjusted according to chip stacks to facilitate a two-day final event. In addition to the prize winnings, the 45 qualifying players will also win a package containing airfare, luxury hotel and accommodation for the weekend in Spain. The value of each package will be approximately $5,000 and will not come out of the prize pool.

Online Qualifiers

The only way for a player to participate in the live tournament is to be one of the top 45 players in the online tournament. This is not an ordinary qualifier to a live tournament where anyone who pays the entry fee in Barcelona can participate.

The buy in for the online final is $5000+200 which can be bought in directly or won through our qualifiers.

The online final is planned to take place three weeks before the live event, on Saturday, September 2nd.

Scheduled Qualifiers
Stage 1: $6+1 Runs 12 times per day, pays out 1 ticket to Stage 2 for every 9 entrants. One ticket guaranteed.
Stage 2: $50+4 Runs 2 times every day (2:00 pm and 8:00 pm EST), pays out 1 ticket to Stage 3 for every 7 entrants.
One ticket guaranteed.
Stage 3: $300+20 Runs once a week (Saturday at 3:00 pm EST), pays out 1 ticket to the online final for every 18 entrants.
One ticket guaranteed.

Sit & Go Qualifiers
Turbo sub qualifier: $1+0.10 one ticket to Stage 1.
Stage 1: $9+1 one ticket to Stage 2 and 2nd place gets ticket to
Stage 1 + $7.
Stage 2: $68+5 one ticket to Stage 3 and 2nd place gets ticket to
Stage 2 + $7.
Stage 3: $580+20 one ticket to the online final and 2nd place gets ticket to
Stage 3
Multiple Sit & Goes for 20 and 30 handed will follow.

Preliminary schedule in Barcelona

Thursday, September 28th: Arrival in Barcelona.

Friday, September 29th:
• Leisure day for players to enjoy the city of Barcelona and rehearsal of tournament walkthrough.
• Opening night reception with cocktails and buffet.

Saturday, September 30th:
• Tournament begins and is played out until we have a 9-handed final table.
• Dinner break in the evening for 90 minutes.

Sunday, October 1st: Final table with a dinner break in the evening.

Ongame Network reserves the right to alter or modify details relating to the Ongame Network Poker Classic Promotion whether it could be, but not limited to, changing the location of the live tournament, online tournament structures, starting times and dates, and guaranteed prize pool amount.


That is going to be awesome! I just love that this tournament will combine online poker skills with actual tournament play in a live casino setting.


The next announcement I wanted to make for FCP's new reload bonus. Here are the details:

Full Contact Poker is pleased to announce that we are offering a redeposit bonus from Friday March 24th to Tuesday March 28th and the chance to play in any one of three $2500 freeroll tournaments.

The bonus is available on your first deposit during the bonus period and is 40% of your deposit amount up to a maximum of $200. So if you make a deposit of $500 you’ll receive $200 in bonus money. No promotion or deposit code is necessary, just make your deposit and the bonus will be in your cashier bonus account within 24 hours.

If you’re a charter member it’s even better as the redeposit bonus for charter members is 40% to a maximum of $300.

This first redeposit offer will be a manual process and may take up to 24 hours for your bonus to show in your cashier bonus account. Check your “My Account” area to see if the bonus is in your cashier bonus account. Subsequent redeposit offers will process automatically.

If you haven’t made an initial deposit at FCP, our initial deposit bonus is 100% to a maximum of $200.You can take advantage of the redeposit offer as well if you make a second deposit during the redeposit period.

For all details regarding the New FCP bonus structure please visit the help section at the FCP website.

Bonus Structure


All players who make a real money deposit at FCP from Friday March 24th to Tuesday March 28th will receive a ticket that they can use to enter any one of three $2500 freeroll tournaments.

The dates for the Freeroll tournaments are:

Thursday April 6th at 9:00 PM EST
Saturday April 8th at 5:00 PM EST
Sunday April 9th at 1:00 PM EST


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