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28 Jan 2006

Ok, I'm not going to lie, it feels pretty good to be able to say BOO YAA! to all of the people that have criticized my play/results recently. I've been trying really hard, but up until this tournament the cards just wouldn't co-operate.

Tonight, everything came together and I put on a pretty powerful performance. It's hard to say this without coming off as cocky or arrogant, but I really did play pretty awesome tonight. I made some good reads and set up the perfect table image against each and every opponent.

I had the right guy think I was a mad bluffer, and I was also able to convince the right guys that I was playing pretty solid.

The first key pot I played was against the chip leader Brian Lemkin. He raised on the button to 25,000 and I re-raised from the small blind with A-Q.

The flop came A-Q-4 and I checked after a slight hesitation. The turn was a 5 and I fired out 100,00 which Brian quickly called. The river was a 6 and I decided to bet 260,000, leaving Brian with a little over 100,000 if he decided to call.

He went into the tank for quite some time and finally called me. I turned my hand up and he said, "I didn't put you on anything near that good. I thought you were on a total bluff."

Brian later told me he made the gutsy call with 88. Before you jump down his throat for making that call, I think he deserves some credit for going with his read. It was way off, but at least he didn't dog it!

The pot that made me feel invincible came later against Bryant King. I raised to 40,000 on the button and "BK" made it 240,000 from the small blind.

BK is a pure pre-flop player and was starting to re-raise me quite often. He always had a hand mind you, but I liked the fact that I could play in position. I called the 200,000 more.

The flop came Q-4-3 and BK bet 200,000. I looked straight at him. I saw him gulp, fumble with his chips, and then look at me with so much genuine fear that I knew immediately that he didn't have either A-Q, KK, or AA.

He "may" have had 99 or 10-10, but I was pretty certain that it was precisely AK. My biggest worry was that he was already pot committed after betting the 200,000. I asked him to count down his chips, and that helped me get an even more accurate read of pure fear.

He counted out 304,000 more. Once I got the count, I raised him all in with very little hesitation. He shook his head in disgust, and finally folded his hand face up... AK.

I then wanted to send him a clear message- something like, "I'm inside your head," and showed him 66.

I'm going to write a CP column about that hand so I won't go into too much detail on why I did what I did.

After that hand, it was smooth sailing the rest of the way. Kia, my biggest threat at the final table was crippled by BK's kings and we were heads up with me holding a little more than a 2-1 chip lead.

I expected a long drawn out battle, but on hand #8 of heads up play it was all over. My K-9 held up on a K-Q-4 against the "Krablar," K-3.


The tournament paid a little over three quarters of a million dollars and definitely makes this whole month of travel finally feel worth it.

Having said that, there is no time to celebrate as more work needs to be done. Tomorrow morning I fly to Atlantic City to do it all over again.

You know, it just wouldn't be right of me to leave out the following bit of information that I feel makes me not only a more focused player, but also a better person: I've been "livin' right." Every night I've been reading a few chapters of the Bible, getting to bed early, being productive, and staying positive.

There is no way to measure how important all of that is, but personally, I know that without that, "routine" if you will, I'm simply not as good as I can be. Having a personal relationship with God is very important to me and I think Iíve been letting my ďbusy lifeĒ interfere with my priorities a little bit. First and foremost, I need to become a better husband, a better son, and a better friend to my friends. When I do that, everything else just has a way of falling into place, and no, I donít think itís a random coincidence!


FCP NEWS: As promised, there will be $5000 added to a $10+1 MTT tournament at FCP on Saturday, February 4th. You all should be receiving an e-mail soon with the exact start time, but you can expect it to be in the evening (EST).

DVD NEWS: Most of you have probably received the e-mail about my DVD finally being released, but if not, here is what the e-mail says:

Hello FCP Community, it's me Daniel. You may have read about me filming an instructional DVD with MTV at Wynn Las Vegas in my blog last fall and after much editing and post production work it is all set to hit the shelves in March with a purchase price of $29.99.

As part of my deal with MTV, they agreed to give my fellow FCP'ers an early opportunity to purchase the DVD and SAVE $10. I'm proud of this DVD and believe it is a good value- it is over 90 minutes in length and sets out solid strategies for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced players. It isn't just me sitting at a table talking; it's much more interactive and easy to watch.

We set up a special phone number 1-800-531-7929 where you can purchase the DVD for $19.99 (plus S&H). You can also see the DVD at http://shop.mtv.com/viewproduct.htm?productId=4046963 but you can't get the $10 off unless you call the phone number (and hear a cheesy message from me) since this offer is only for FCP'ers. If you are interested, here are the details:

A MTV and Full Contact Poker Exclusive! Call 1-800-531-7929 to order now and SAVE $10 on Daniel's very first DVD Learn to Win at Texas Hold'em with Daniel Negreanu.

This 90 minute plus DVD is packed with Daniel's secrets guaranteed to improve your game and give you more confidence at the tables to play like a pro. In the DVD, one BEGINNER, one INTERMEDIATE, and one ADVANCED player have been plucked from obscurity to train under the guidance of Kid Poker himself, Daniel Negreanu, the reigning World Poker Tour Player of the Year, the 2004 Card Player Magazine Player of the Year and the 2004 World Series of Poker Player of the Year.

As our champ says, "I can take anyone off the street and take their game to the next level in just a few days!" Bonus features include;

∑ Personal advice from the pro
∑ Tournament vs. Live Play
∑ Chip shuffling
∑ A pull out poker dictionary
∑ And a Texas Hold'em cheat sheet

Each player's lesson plan has been told in an easy to follow format and the easy access to tips makes it fast and simple to play all of the tips in chronological order, or review only the specific tips you're interested in practicing. It's the perfect tool to take any player to the next level and beyond.

Daniel's integrated approach to Texas Hold'em has earned him recognition, awards and many, many poker pots. Get his DVD to work for you today! Ships in 2-5 days. 3 complete programs now on 1 DVD!! Call 1-800-531-7929 to order now and SAVE $10 on Daniel's very first DVD Learn to Win at Texas Hold'em with Daniel Negreanu.


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