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Live Tennis is Sick!

16 Jan 2006

I woke up early once again, about 4:00am and had an early breakfast with my old friend Kirk who was still in the tournament with about $34,000.

After breakfast I sat around the hotel a little bit, watching tennis, catching up on some reading, and then decided to take a little nap so I'd be up for the tennis later that night.

At 7:00pm I met David Williams, Noah, and Andy downstairs. David you guys know, and Noah is a good buddy of his who is also the defending champion of the EPT championship which starts back up in Copenhagen again this week. Andy? Well Andy is a buddy of Noah's.

We made it over to Rod Laver stadium and headed over to the Will Call where Andy Roddick left some tickets for us.

The vibe was electric, I mean seriously electric. People everywhere, all kinds of buzz...

We got there early to watch the match preceding Andy's first round match against Michael Lammer. (13) Serena Williams was taking on Na Li an unseeded player. Serena's sister Venus had already been upset in the first round, and after watching the first few games against Na Li I felt like Serena might go down early as well.

Her serve was awful, foot faulting 6 times, and hitting maybe 50% of her first serves.

Na Li on the other hand, was graceful. She didn't hit the ball as hard as Serena obviously, but her technique looked better, and she played more "beautiful" tennis.

Serena, she just grunts really loud and hits the ball as hard as she can. After watching her play the first set which she won 6-3, I was pretty convinced that when she faces the other top women players she'd be dead meat.

In the second set, Serena went on stone cold tilt. Na put on a monster rush, and they went to a tie-break. Na won the first 6 points, and won the second set 7-6 (7-1).

We had a match. Unfortunately for Na, she ran out of gas in the third set and the break helped Serena regain form as she blew her away 6-2.

Immediately after that match Roddick took center stage. At that point we moved over to Roddick's private box to sit with his brother and coach Brad Gilbert.

The seats were perfect. In the first four games, it looked as though Roddick was playing with a little boy. It wasn't even fair as he went up 4-0 and I think he lost, like, one total point!

At that point we all decided to bet $100 on how many games Lammer would win in the entire match. I said 3, David said 4, Noah said 5, and Andy said.... 0! That's kind of nuts.

Anyway, Lammer won the next game and Andy was now drawing dead- thanks for the free money kid.

Andy seemed to get a little bit complacent in the next couple of games and Lammer closed to within 5-4. That's the closest he would get, though, as Roddick went on to win in straight sets 6-4 6-2 6-2.

During the match I had a few people ask me to pose for a picture or sign an autograph. I did so, of course, but then witnessed one of the strangest requests I'd ever seen:

I took a picture with some girl, and after we take the picture some guy comes up and asks the girl if she'd take a picture for him. That's pretty common in that environment, people hand you their camera, and then you hand them yours.

Only this guy, lol, this guy says to her, "Can you take a picture?"

She replies, "Sure," and is waiting for him to pass her his camera. Then he just goes, "No, with your camera. Take it and I'll e-mail you so you can send it to me."

LOL! That's like the funniest thing I'd ever seen. The poor girl took up one her pictures for some random dude, and then the guy wrote his e-mail address down for her later. We all got a pretty good laugh out of that.

After the match they asked Roddick what he's been doing in the off season and in between matches. It seemed like such a set up. I was going to yell out there and answer the question, but Roddick said, "Oh, in the off season I was just sitting on the couch eating potato chips, and just relaxing. Out here I've been playing a little cards, that sort of thing.

Jim Courier, who was doing the interview pressed him about it, "Have you been winning?"

"Yeah, winning more than losing anyway," he said.

The line of questioning seemed a little odd and I don't know why, but I thought it was kinda funny.


So I woke up this morning at 10:00am and am planning on playing in a tag team pot limit hold'em tournament today with Kirk. Not exactly sure how the event works, but it sounded like fun and would only be a one day event.

Later, I might learn how to play Magic from David and Noah, and also plan on spanking...er... I mean teaching them how to play Mille.

If I still have time, we might head over there to watch Martina Hingis start her comeback attempt, and also watch the alien, Roger Federer make short work of his sacrificial lamb.