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England, Ireland, Same Difference!

16 Dec 2005

I was seated at a pretty good table, and the task at hand was to win a seven handed shootout to advance. Right off the bat I took the lead and held it till there were five left.

We started with 10,000 in chips and the blinds were raised every 30 minutes, winner take all.

With the blinds up to 300-600 I made it 1500 to go from the button with 7-8 of spades. The small blind, raised it 2100 more and I called.

The flop came J-9-5 with one spade, and my opponent bet out 3000. He had about 6000 more, so I figured I'd just stick it all in just in case he had 10-10 or A-K, or some other weakish hand. I wasn't about to fold, and winning this pot would give me well over half the chips with 4 left.

My opponent had QQ, and I missed everything. The hand that ended up getting me was K-J. Short stacked, I put it all in on a flop of A-J-10 with two spades (I had the K) and my opponent had A-5.

I needed paint or running spades but missed again and was free for the rest of the day.

On my way out of the Palms I ran into Padraig Parkinson, John Duthie, and Schoff. Wouldn't you know, I ran into them at the bar!

Padraig, in an Irish tradition of sorts forced me to sit for a beer. Of course, by the time I was getting done with it he'd order another one! Hey, it's the Irish way I guess :-)

They are a good bunch of guys and the conversation was fun. Padraig is a funny guy (if you can understand him) and I've always been a fan of European culture and the passion that is a huge part of who they are.

We talked politics, poker, poker politics, and the changes we've seen with some players since the TV boom. Padraig, in an attempt to make my head even bigger than it already is, told me that his lady had nice things to say about me, and compliments like that aren't cheap apparently.

When I first met Padraig in 2001 he confessed to thinking I was a jerk. It was the year I came 11th in the WSOP main event along with Phil Helmuth. I busted Padraig late in the tournament and Phil came over to give me a high five.

Padraig, didn't take kindly to all of that and let me know about it when I saw him again in London. I like that. Straight to the point, tell it like it is. A genuine person who doesn’t beat around the bush.

Since, Padraig and I had a chance to get to know each other better and have a mutual respect for each other.

Anyway, we talked a lot about how different things are now compared to the "old days" when everyone said hello. A time when they weren't too "big time" to sit for a drink, or even acknowledge your presence.

Padraig threw me another compliment saying, "You're the only one that hasn't let all this get to your head."

While I appreciated the compliment, I figured I should change that. So from now on Padraig, if you'd like to say hello to me or anything like that please call my assistant, who will call my publicist which defers to my agent, and he'll notify me. If we feel as though you have something worthy to say, I'll send a representative to discuss the matter further.

Also, in public, understand that I can no longer say hello to you as I'm now officially too "big time" for you. Thanks for helping me see the light Mr. .Parkinson!

(for those void of a sense of humor all of that was a joke, lol)

Later, Don Barton sat with us and the conversation switched to politics. Apparently, Don and I have the exact same feeling about the election and issues related to it.

For me, that is an afternoon well spent. I enjoy discussing heated topics like politics, religion, poker politics, etc. The company you keep, though, dictates whether or not the conversation becomes worthwhile. In this case, the company was excellent.

By 4:00pm I finally left the Palms and headed home to get ready for "Movie Night." I'd promised Lori that I'd take her to see Pride and Prejudice as the original is one of her favorites.

So I went from listening to an Irish guy I could barely understand, to watching an English movie based in the 18th century!

The movie was actually quite good. I shall recommend it to those parties interested in such period pieces.

Ok, this is getting weird, now I'm writing in an English accent!

So anyway, after the movie I logged on to www.fullcontactpoker.com and noticed that there was someone sitting in the $500-$1000 limit hold'em game waiting for a challenger.

His name was Dreamclown, and is apparently 23 years old. One of a large number of youngsters crushing the high limit online games.

I only had $23,000 in my account, and after about 8 minutes of play I was down about $18,000. Online, at those limits, that is absolutely nothing really.

I was ready to continue, but Dreamclown was sitting out asking for me to reload. Unfortunately, the contact I have to reload my account was asleep by then and that's all the money I had access to at the time.

The Clown was explaining to me that it wasn't worth it for him to risk $68,000 to win $5000. That he didn't play "short stacks."

I didn't want to go into great detail with him explaining the ludicrous nature of his concerns, but figured I'd mention it here in the blog in case some of you feel as though it's somehow a "disadvantage" to play against a short stack.

The idea that he is risking $68,000 to win $5000 is a ludicrous analogy. he can quit anytime he wants, so if he wanted to, he could risk $5000 to win $5000. No one is putting a gun to his head to go through the whole bankroll if he didn't want to.

So since Dreamclown didn't want to play anymore, I headed down to the $250-$500 game against Jonesus. I bought in for $5000 there... and it lasted three hands!

With A-K, on a board of 2-3-5-K, I lost a big pot to A-4. From there, with just $300 odd left in my account I headed down to the $10-$20 no limit game. I built that up quickly, to about $1300, but that didn't last long when I made a goofy move with A-10 against JJ.

Oh well, it was quick and painless to say the least, lol! Tomorrow morning I will reload my account at FCP with an adequate bankroll and look to play some more heads up poker in the $500-$1000 game. Apparently these games go strong overnight which works well with my new sleep schedule.

If you'd like to watch, you can go to the General Forum at www.fullcontactpoker.com for updates as to where I'll be playing and when.

Of course, you'd have to either download the software (best option) or you could simply watch in a java based browser without downloading anything at all.


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