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House Game!

23 Nov 2005

Ok, so I busted out of the circuit event when my open ended straight, flush draw, and gut shot straight flush draw missed. No biggie, it was a cold deck and there was nothing I could do about it.

The next day, on Sunday, the Best Buy crew came by to install the TV and surround sound system. They showed up at about 3:00pm, and didn't leave till 3:00am!

Apparently they had the wrong parts and a whole bunch of other stuff that was just missing. We finally got the system to work, and may I just say... "wow." This thing is off the hook!

On Monday, Lori flew back home to Grand Rapids for Thanksgiving and I will be joining her there tomorrow morning as I have a 1:10am flight tonight.

Last night, I called a few of my Toronto friends that I hadn't spent much time with to come over and hang out.

Before they got there, Travis my assistant, and his two friends Chris and Jeremy dropped by so I thought I would do what I could to corrupt America's youth by teaching them how to play props!

We played a $50 limit hold'em freeze out and also played props, but instead of the big boy paying $10,000, we were only playing for $10.

Now Jeremy had absolutely no luck in props. He didn't sleep a prop, but that's because he hardly ever hit one! Chris slept several and Travis slept a couple also.

Travis ended up winning the limit hold'em shootout. The kid is becoming the home game champ! In the next freeze out we played Stud H/L with props of course. I figured that would screw them up even more and I was right! You would have thought these guys took a Zanex they slept so many!

I was crushing them in the Stud H/L and it became clear that they were very new to the game. I got heads up with Chris, but he got lucky and beat me.

So I lost $100 in the freeze outs, but thanks to Dopey, Sneezy, and Sleepy I won back $80 in the props.

At about 8:00pm the rest of the crew showed up. Zvi, probably the best Mille player in the world, flies all the way to Vegas just to get a game with me!

Zvi beat me for $5400 in the first set, but I won back $2700 in the second set. The third set came down to the very last hand. If I won we'd be about even, if I lost I'd be down $6300. I needed to "pluck" a 2-4-5-6-7-8-9-Q, or a King to win, but missed.

While Zvi and I played Mille, Sam and Tyson were watching War of the Worlds on my kick-ass Pioneer XL 360 Turbo fuel injected HD DVD PSP big screen with L4 GN 348 model sub woofers powered by the new 2007 series III model 4 flux capacitor.

When the move was over, we switched to a new game, "Big Deuce," otherwise known as Choi Da Dee. It's a Chinese game, and it's very popular where I'm from since well over 80% of the population in Scarborough, Ontario is Chinese.

I was probably the worst deuce player there, but got super lucky early. Each player gets 13 cards and you can play singles, pairs, trips, or poker hands. I was dealt a straight, a full house, and a pair. So, I was able to play my straight, then my full house, the high pair, and booo ya, I was out!

4 out of the first 5 hands I was out and had a big lead. By the end of the game I faded, but still came out ahead.

By then, more Toronto boys dropped by as Ice Cream, Marcello (top 100 at WSOP Main event this year), and Steve G. (one of the best totally unknown no limit players I've ever seen- true talent), dropped by.

We now had a full table of 10 for a $500 buy in no limit hold'em freeze out:

1. Sam Siharath
2. Zvi Grossman
3. Tyson Lee
4. Steve Gin
5. Chris
6. Travis Scott
7. Marcello Degrassioso or something like that!
8. "Ice Cream" Mike Halua
9. Daniel Negreanu
10. Jeremy

Not exactly a table that would scare you, but it should. Many of these guys are top players with loads of talent. Just because you haven’t seen them on TV doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t whoop some “TV Player” butt!

The game was no limit hold'em and we all started with 10,000 in chips, 25-50 blinds, and 15 minute rounds.

The very first hand dealt Steve Gin limped on for 50. I was in the small blind with 5-2 off suit and made it 450. Ice Cream decided to call me from the big blind and Steve folded.

The flop came 6-6-3 with two spades. I bet out 1500 and Ice Cream folded. I, of course, showed it and stuck the needle deep into Ice Cream's chest. Mocking him, ridiculing him, and just flat out being mean and nasty! I love it, lol.

One of the fun things about playing in a house game with friends is that you can feel free to make fun of each other. Everyone there could handle it and I was in rare form.

I felt a little uncomfortable needling poor Jeremy, though, because the money obviously meant something to him and he was getting killed in the poker and the props. He was a good sport about it, but I wish I could take back one thing I said.

He was the first one out, and I said, "Well the bad news buddy is that you are out, but the good news is, you get to deal!!!"

He was a very good sport, though, and took it well. Chris was the next one out, which made things even tougher on me. They didn't want to put up the $500 so I took half of both of them!

I was short stacked most of the way after missing a flush draw/straight draw, but hung tough. I promised those kids that if I won it, I'd give them back their entry fee.

I played my absolute A game for them, seriously. By the time we were four handed I was back in the game.

Finally, I got heads up with Steve Gin. Steve has so much talent it is scary. He has a great feel for the game and is an excellent reader of body language. If he played on the "tour" I have no doubt that he would be a serious threat.

I still pwned him though! I won the freeze out and was able to get Chris and Jeremy off the hook.

Once the freeze out was over, we decided to play a heads up tournament. Zvi, the old man :-) was crashed out on the couch so we ended up having 9 players put up $500 each. That would mean that two players would have to play an extra match, and Marcello and Steve were the unlucky ones.

Marcello advanced, and would face Tyson in his next match. As for me, I drew Jeremy in the first round and he got an early lead on me. I bared down, though, and grinded away at him until I finally got him.

My next match was against Travis, and I pwned him, moving on to the finals against Tyson.

The very first hand against Tyson, he limped on the button for 100. I made it 400 from the big blind with 10-10 and Tyson raised it 1500 more. I decided to move all in for 8000, and Tyson called me with A-J of clubs.

I won that race, and back-to-back home game titles, sweet! Bragging rights baby, nobody comes into MY house and beats me! :-)

All in all, it was a fun night. I often miss hanging out with the boys as my life has changed so much over the past couple years I've had less opportunities to do that sort of thing.


Tonight, I fly to Grand Rapids for Thanksgiving, and will be going to Toronto on the 25th. I'll actually be in Toronto until December 8th as there is lots of work to be done.

Starting with, a special party that FCP is throwing at the Hard Rock in Toronto. It's an invitation only party where I will finally be making a very special announcement.

If you are going to be in the Toronto area on December 6th, you can sign up at www.fullcontactpoker.ca to register for a chance to be one of 250 invited guests.

Aside from the party, I will be all over the place in the next two weeks. I'll be dropping the puck at a Hamilton Bulldogs game, and I'll also be doing a lot of work with the Special Olympics.

Anyway, I better start packing...


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