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Daniel - Poker Journal

$5-$10 NL at Wynn Las Vegas

13 Oct 2005

I had a quick meeting with Johnny Chan at 8:00pm tonight, and after that was over I headed over to Wynn to check out what was going on. They had three $5-$10 NL hold'em games going, all full. A couple of $2-$5 games, all full, and even the $1-$2 game was full!

So anyway, I looked around to see what else was available and noticed a $10-$20 mixed game going. Big surprise, that game was full too.

So I put my name up for one of the three $5-$10 NL games and a seat opened up shortly after that.

Seeing as it was a $5-$10 blind game, I calculated that the appropriate buy in would be... $125,000!

I did it for fun and figured the others might get a kick out of it. My plan was to play loose and uber aggressive and see almost every flop.

The first hand I played was the Ac 10c and I made it 50. One player called and the button re-raised to 200. I came to play so I called the raise as did the other player.

The flop came Ah Qc 10h and it was checked to the button who bet 650. He only had about 2000 more so I figured, "Why not, he might have A-K," and made it $47,000 to go!

Nope, it wasn't AK, my opponent had a set of queens and I was stuck $2800 right off the bat.

I continued to raise every pot. At one point, two players limped in for $10 and I said,"10? I'm in for 10," and threw out two $5000 chips with the Q-3 off suit. They all folded naturally.

I won a nice pot with the Q-10 of clubs. The flop came 10-7c 3c and I checked to the player on my left who bet 200. I made it $75,000 to go and he called for his last few thousand.

I showed him my hand and he said that I had him? A queen hit the river which I didn't even need.

A little while later, a gentleman and his wife sat next to me on my right. She was learning how to play poker and I warned her, "Don't do anything you are seeing me do!" She laughed, but liked the "all in thing" as she so eloquently put it.

I busted a few more players and then my wife called which meant I was headed home. Before I left, though, I wanted to show the lady that you can win without looking at your hole cards.

I made it 60 and got two callers. The flop came 9h 4h 3h. I bet out 120 and both players mucked their hand. At that point I revealed to the table that I didn't even look!

The very next hand I told her, "We have to look now or they'll know." This time, I picked up the Ah Qh and made it 60 again. Two players called and the flop came... 9h 5h 2h!

I bet out 120, the player on my left called, and the button raised 200 more. I just called as did the player on my left. The turn was the 8h which appeared to be a bad one for me.

I checked anyway, and the player on my left... went all in! I was like, "OK, I'll call that $2000!" Nice, I played for 1.5 hours and went from stuck $2800 to +$3700. Dude, was that game ever juicy.

I genuinely, and honestly believe I could beat that game without ever looking at my cards. I'm dead serious. I couldn't win if they knew that obviously, but I am certain that I could squeak out a small profit just by taking pots that no one else wants.

Anyway, day one of training was a good one, and I'm going to go watch the PGA event tomorrow at noon and likely play some more poker tomorrow night.