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Lots of Stuff!

06 Jul 2005

I've known about this for a while now, but couldn't spill the beans until the press release came out (you can read the press release here: http://www.planetstacked.com/#PQN495740).

That is just too cool! As you know from reading my blog I'm an absolute MTV junkie so when I heard that they were going to help promote STACKED I freaked. This is so exciting to me and I can't wait to start moving forward with MTV. I can't share any details really, but there are plans to have a show dedicated to STACKED... too cool.


I cashed in a limit hold'em event "yippee!" recently, but was disappointed with my 22nd place finish since I had a monster chip lead for most of the way.

I then played in the no limit hold'em with rebuys event and took a couple bad beats. I really played well and "only" rebought five times which is actually a record for me! Two tough beats sent me to the rail. In both cases I had the best hand and lost on the river. Oh well, the good news is that I played well.


On July 5th I decided to sleep in. That felt really nice to be able to just veg out without worrying about waking up. My phone rang all morning, but I didn't answer it at all. I just enjoyed the time that I had.

Later that day, the ESPN crew dropped by to do a little piece on me that we could basically call, "From the Penthouse to the Outhouse!"

After that interview, Brian Balsbaugh and Chris Lash, dropped by to talk about some exciting things that are happening with the site.

They actually brought over some Full Contact Poker shirts that I'm very happy with. The logo we chose from the contest looks fantastic on a shirt.

All of the final entries were awesome, but in the end the logo submitted by Chadwick worked perfectly. A heads up to the finalists: thanks so much for the time you put into the logos. I have some surprises for you guys that we'll announce very soon.

After we wrapped up it was time to get changed and head down to Wynn for the Full Tilt party they were throwing in the nightclub Le Bete.

It was an awesome set up. Tons of coverage from various magazines and some television as well. As I entered the club I did the whole "red carpet thing" which honestly makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

"Over here Daniel."

"Can I get you over here."

"Look this way."

"Smile Big."

All this while cameras are flashing from several directions. It's really weird. I can't explain it, but the whole process just weirds me out a little bit. Not sure exactly why, but it's definitely something I'm not too comfortable with and try to avoid if possible.

Once inside I mingled with several people. There were several celebrities there to play in the charity poker event that was being held. It was a lot of fun and I had a really good time.

I ran into Phil Laak and his girlfriend Jennifer Tilly and had a chance to talk to him about my issues with the nickname. I basically explained that I have no problem with him as a person. He seems like a really fun guy that doesn't mean any harm with the nickname "UnaBomber."

Personally, I'm not all that offended by it, but as I said in a post in the forums I can imagine that those that lost loves once at the hands of the mass murderer might not love the idea of people chanting, "Go UnaBomber."

Phil actually explained to me that he did have some reservations about using the nickname, but decided that it wasn't that big of a deal. He's probably right, but I wonder how comfortable everyone would be if someone promoted the nickname "Hitler."

Strangely enough, I also ran into Chris Ferguson outside and wanted to clear the air with him as well concerning my comments about him using the moniker "Jesus."

We had talked about it at Light a while back and it's possible that I misunderstood what he was saying. I was under the impression that after our discussion Chris would stop signing autographs like that.

In talking with Chris, though, he claims that he never said he would stop. He said something more along the lines of, "I probably don't need to be signing autographs that way. The name Chris Ferguson is big enough now so that I don't need to sign them as "Jesus."

So again, I apologize for calling him a liar. I'm not 100% sure exactly how we left things that night at Light, but I'd gladly give him the benefit of the doubt.

It felt really good to talk to both Chris and Phil personally rather than have a circle of gossip floating around without clearing the air.

After everyone had a chance to play some poker and mingle a little bit it was time for the auction. Money was being raised for the Las Vegas Boys and Girls Club, so each of the Full Tilt members auctioned off signed jerseys to the highest bidder.

Phil Gordon and Phil Ivey both sold for $5000! When Erik Seidel's jersey came up I finally threw in some bids. I have no idea why I wanted that jersey, but something compelled me to buy it.

I bid $2500, but didn't want to fork over $3000 for it since I had plans to buy the team jersey. The team jersey was signed by everyone and placed in a nice frame.

Once again I got into a heavy bidding war with the same person who bought the Seidel.

When I bid $10,000 I thought I'd get it for sure, but then I heard out of nowhere, "$10,500!" Oh man, this was starting to feel like a rebuy tournament for me.

When we got the bid up to $11,500 the auctioneer decided to award both of us a jersey for $10,000 a piece. So much for a "one of a kind" jersey!

After the auction I continued to mingle and just had a blast. It was really nice to let loose, get out on the dance floor and just have some stress free fun.


I didn't get home till 4:00am and needed to be up by 8:00am to prepare for the Bodog Conference. The people at Bodog asked me to speak at their second annual conference that deals with Poker and Sports Marketing.

Other keynote speakers included Mike Ditka and Reggie Jackson. I spoke for about 30 minutes and then listened in as my agent Brian Balsbaugh talked about how the use of poker players can help an online site market their product.

He is an awesome speaker and put together a very informative 30 minute presentation. I think the audience was really impressed with what Brian had to say, because immediately after he was done he was bombarded with business cards.

Since I had such little sleep my plan was to head home and relax till the party tonight at Rain. It's a party in connection with the Bodog Conference that I'm going to attend at 9:00pm tonight.

I don't plan on staying too late, because I want to be as mentally prepared for the main event as I can be. I feel great. I feel ready. Most importantly, though, I feel very lucky. I'm going to do something this year. I'm not foolish enough to claim that I'm going to win it, but I can assure you that my A game will be there. With some luck... who knows.


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