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Cleaning House!

29 Jun 2005

I went on an absolute house cleaning rampage today. I've been listening to this CD in the car about clutter and organizing and it got me crazy motivated.

I dismantled my big desk and replaced it with a smaller one. I also finally bought a filing cabinet so that I can get all of my papers in order. That's all just the tip of the iceberg. I organized my closet, the kitchen, washed the car, the living room, garage... the whole house really.

Having both Lori and Travis here all day made things much easier. Travis spent hours putting the desk together but he finally got it right.

As for the tournament today, I felt really good about my play. I started to get in the swing of things and was poised to have a big day when the following hand came up:

The button made it 600 to go from the button. He had just come to the table with a big stack and from the small blind I re-raised to 1800 with AJ.

My opponent called, but when he did my read told me that he didn't have a super strong hand. I felt like he might have 66, 77, AQ, A9, or even a hand like 78 suited.

I ruled out AA, KK, QQ, JJ, or AK because I felt like I'd picked up a tell as I said. So, the flop came K-K-10 which was a decent flop for me. If he had a small pair I was in fair shape and if he had AQ I felt like there was a good chance that I could win it right there on the flop.

I bet my last 5025 hoping to pick it up against AQ, but not minding a call from 66 or 77. After much deliberation he finally called me with AQ. Awesome call. Many players may have chickened out in that spot, but he went with his read and he nailed it.

I'm ok with the way I played the hand. He happened to have the one hand that had me in bad shape AND he made a tough call.


I saw another movie the other night with Lori, Marco, and Jenn. I'd heard great things about Cinderella Man and all of us left the theater loving the movie. It reminded me a lot of my father and what he must have had to go through during the Great Depression.

My dad also boxed as a teenager back then for bread and salami. He was a decent boxer, although he had his nose broken seven times... ouch!

Lori had one comment for me after the movie, "I'm just glad you don't do that! I don't think I could take it," referring to the brutal boxing matches.

Yesterday I re-entered the ring after two days off feeling rejuvenated. Fresh, focused, and most importantly patient. Maybe a little too patient! I started out playing super tight as I generally like to do in limit hold'em events, but when the blinds got up there I didn't win any key hands.


Tomorrow is a fun event, the $5000 buy in short handed no limit hold'em event. Table draw is extremely important and my table probably won't be as soft as it was yesterday considering the size of the buy in.

Which brings me to addressing some random comments I read online about my position on the tournament schedule. Many people made comments like I'm a sore loser. Or that Im only complaining because Im not winning, etc. It's important to note that I complained about the tournament schedule BEFORE event #1. You can watch the Jesse May show to hear some of those comments.

As far as me not liking the atmosphere this year, you just don't know the whole picture. First of all, I love the WSOP and as I've said I think the facility for the events is awesome.

My comments about that "family feel" being gone are just fact due to the sheer number of entrants and increased number of fans on site.

It used to be like this: I could see Allen over at table #7, Ivey was at #10, Juanda #14, and Jenn at table #1. On the breaks we'd all hang out together which I miss.

These days I can go days without seeing Juanda or Ivey. They are over on table #1049 and I'm on table #10 (I'm there almost everyday). As soon as the clock dings for break time, all of the players that have become well known thanks to all of that television exposure get swarmed by autograph and picture requests.

Or worse, somebody just wants a few minutes of your time... the breaks are 10-15 minutes! If you give someone a few minutes of your time you can forget about heading towards the bathroom that's for sure.

You can call it "sour grapes" or whatever you want, but I'm just telling it like it is. Sure I'd probably be having more fun if I was winning, but that doesn't have much of an effect on my view of what is happening to poker and more specifically the WSOP.

It so many ways it's awesome. At the same time, poker's bright new future comes with some sacrifices along the way... that's all I'm sayin' really.