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Chillin' with Lori

31 May 2005

Like any normal couple everybody has issues and aren't always on the same page. Lori and I have our fair share, but nothing so major that we can't work it out.

We are actually pretty good at that sort of thing. We don't yell at each other, raises our voices, or say hurtful things that we'd regret later. I like to think that we are very mature about our differences and go about fixing them the right way.

I look forward to her telling me things that upset her so that I can learn to be a better person in general. For example she pointed out that I can be a "know it all" sometimes. She explained a situation and well... she was right. Sometimes I do act like Mr. Know it all and that's just not cool.

We talked a little bit yesterday and after the conversation was over we both felt great. I think our biggest strength as a couple is the way we handle rough patches- with level heads, and by talking things out.

So anyway, with both of us being in good spirits we decided to go shopping! We headed to the new section in Caesars Palace and picked up a few things.

Then we went to the Rio to buy in for the first event at the WSOP which is going to be crazy busy. We met Jennifer and Marco there as they were also buying in and then decided to head towards home and have drinks at the Kona Grill. Jennifer just got back from a vacation in preparation for a long month at the WSOP. She seems more focused on the WSOP this year than any previous year. Considering the fact that she’s going to be healthy for the first time in years, that means she is a must have on your WSOP Fantasy team!

When Kona Grill closed we went back to their house to see their newest addition to the family, "Squirt", a long haired Chihuahua to go along with a Pit Bull and a family of Australian Blue Heelers. Jenn's house is like a zoo!


Today we drove around town making arrangements for the wedding. Looked at some churches, met with the photographers, the restaurant, etc. We stopped off at Barnes & Nobles for a minute and I broke yet another promise I made to myself: no more buying books or DVD's until I'm caught up! I left with six new books on current affairs and politics. A potpourri of both left and right wing propaganda for the most part.

It's about 8:00pm now and tonight we are going out for Cece's birthday (Carlos Mortenson's wife and also an EXCELLENT player herself).

Tomorrow Lori leaves and then my life goes into full turbo mode. I cleared my schedule while Lori was here, but as of tomorrow I will be running around town like a madman doing interviews and other poker related things.