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Daniel - Poker Journal

The Wynn Cocktail Party

23 May 2005

The Wynn decided to do something nice for the poker players in this town and held a private cocktail party just for poker players. It was also an opportunity to introduce the poker room and staff.

The doors opened at about 6:00pm and people started filing in. The room was beautifully set up with little tables and a bar on every corner. O’deurves were being served throughout the evening as well.

The room also had a view of the pool and you could sit outside where there was yet another bar as well a professional cigar roller if you were into that sort of thing.

As for me, I mingled with the guests, listened to a few bad beat stories, and then just basically floated around the room.

Then at about 6:45pm Deb Giardina, the head of poker operations said a few words and introduced all of the floor people one by one as they came to the stage.

Then out of nowhere flat screen monitors fell from the ceiling and unveiled about a one minute clip of me doing my "thang."

After that, Deb introduced me and I hit the stage to say a few words. I started out by basically explaining why I was at the Wynn and a little bit about my role with the room.

I also let everyone in the room know about my open challenge to "Any man, in any land" which segued into my shtick.

If you were on the PartyPoker cruise the year Erick Lindgren won you'd know what I'm talking about when I say I did my shtick. On the cruise I basically imitated several people, anywhere from Phil Hellmuth to Ziggy Marley.

I wanted this bit to be a little bit different so I went with Phil Hellmuth (it's just do easy!), Huckelberry Seed, Ming Ly, Brad "B-RAD" Gluckman, and of course, the one and only Prince of poker Scotty Nguyen.

Anytime I'm asked to do something like that I get insanely paranoid, feel totally unprepared, and ultimately worry that the whole thing is going to suck. Way more pressure than being at a final table for millions, doing comedy is nerve racking.

I spent the whole night preparing my bit and writing it out word for word. Of course I knew there was no way I was going to memorize it, but the process of writing it out really helps imprint it in your brain I think. When it's show time I rarely even look at my notes and this bit was no exception.

I started out with Phil because he is always good for a few laughs with his, "By the way, did I mention that I have nine World Championships?" Yes Phil, about five times already!

I moved onto Huck Seed and his Rain Man like brain. Funny Huck story: a few years ago Evelyn, Huck, and I were talking in the parking garage at Bellagio.

Evelyn mentions to Huck, "You need a haircut" but Huck doesn't acknowledge the comment at all. We talk for about 45 minutes and out of the blue Huck says, "Yeah.... I do need a haircut." What the!!! Where did that come from? Huck is a strange brew that's for sure.

My next victim was Ming Ly and his horribly broken English. Ming is a high limit player and most of the players often refer to me for what he is saying because I speak Minglish.

Another true story: A while back Ming was trying to tell Doyle something but Doyle couldn't understand a word Ming was saying. Ming would say, "I go de Rolly Rocking."

"What?" Doyle replied.

"Rolly Rocking, I go de Rolly Rocking."

"Rolly Rocking?" Doyle said puzzled.

"Yeah! Rolly Rocking."

Eventually we figured out that Ming was trying to tell Doyle that he goes to the "Valet Parking."

My next character wasn't a poker player at all, but it was a character that Jamie Kennedy made famous with the movie Malibu's Most Wanted. One Brad Gluckman, a hopelessly uncool white dude that genuinely believes he's black and had it rough growing up in "da hood" up in Malibu. Having to fend off long lines at "Starbizzucks" and "Barnes and Nizzies."

I always save the best for last and that has to be my boy Scotty Nguyen. That one comes so natural to me for some reason and I love doing him because there is so much great material.

Ask Scotty what he likes about the poker room and you are sure to get a response like, 'The girls is beau beau beautiful baby, HA HA HA. I loves it, and they all know me baby you know what I mean." It's just too easy.

I finished up my bit and was just happy to get through it. There is no rush like it in the world for me, nothing at all. The satisfaction you get from a crowd roaring with laughter followed up by a thundering applause makes all of the paranoia and fear of failure worth it.

I've done a stand up routine twice now and both times it was well received which is a major plus for the confidence level. It's such a monster high that I'm sure I'll do it again sometime in the near future. I'll be sure to let you all know when.


Today was a day of relaxation for me. I never left the house for a minute. I lost my phone last night at La Bete and unfortunately never found it. That's never happened to me before, I've never lost a phone.

I'm also an idiot and didn't back up any of the information on the phone. So I lost all of my phone numbers and important dates and appointments.

Today I had Travis go to Sprint and pick me up the new Treo 650 with blue tooth capabilities. Losing the phone was a blessing in disguise actually as it was pretty banged up and I was losing tons of calls. Now I just need to work on getting my phone book updated again.

It's 4:30am right now and I have a tournament to play at noon today so I better hit the sack.