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Gamblin' with Josh and the Boys

13 Apr 2005

I woke up at around 3:00pm and decided to finish reading a book I've been reading called, "Dude, Where's my Country?" Not a whole lot of new information in that book for me, but some of it was very entertaining.

It was moving day for my mother as she was finally moving into the new house that I bought her. So I decided to head over there and see what the place looked like- very nice. She is happy with it and in the end that's all that truly matters.

I then went to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory with my brother Mike, and my two Toronto buddies Tyson and Vince. They all helped my mother move while I... slept. I know, I know, how could I be such a horrible son! I'm sorry, but moving just isn't for me. I'll help you with your poker, listen to your problems, but I ain't helping you move!

The waitress at lunch seemed like she had a good sense of humor so I decided to be my goofy self and mess with her a little bit. She was a good sport about it all and seemed to have fun with it.

At one point she forgot something and I said, "Oh well, there goes your tip! That must really suck huh? Knowing that because you forgot the cheese you are going to get stiffed?" I said it all with a smile so I'm pretty sure she knew I was kidding.

When it came time for the bill I told her to buy STACKED for her boyfriend when it comes out in July. I then told her that she could pay for it with what I left her.

She followed that up with, "Why did you leave an extra $100 in there?" she asked jokingly. Who knew she had psychic powers! The bill was about $141 and since I didn't have any change I gave her $300.

When she opened the bill to see what was in there she said she almost cried. Others working there recognized me and told her who I was (she had no idea.) She then came back to the table to thank me and I told her to get back to her dream career, interior design.


We headed back to my house to play a little Golden Tee when E-DOG called and let me know that he would be home soon. My brother Mike has never seen Erick's pad so I took him over there for the first time with Tyson and Vince.

I headed straight for the basketball court and foolishly challenged Erick to a one and one match for $1000 where he would have to spot me two points in a race to seven, and give me both loser's and winner's outs.

I had almost no chance. Erick can hit threes with his eyes closed and he beat me 7-4. By the end of the game both Erick and I were sure of exactly one thing: we are way out of shape!

So then Josh, hearing the word "gamble" literally jumped through the gate in the backyard trying to set up a match for us. Of course, Erick jumped in on the action and torched us both.

Now Josh is a sick gambler. He'll bet on anything from a cockroach race to mud wrestling. Although with Josh, it's not really gambling. He just loves the hustle and always looks to get the best of it. We've had legendary battles at the pool table where he is a big favorite.

So on that note, we decided to head over to PT's Pub and play some pool. I already owed Josh $10,500 from a previous loan on the road so we decided to play for it, double or nothing.

The game was nine ball, and Josh would spot me a game on the wire and the eight ball in a race to seven. A game on the wire meaning, a 1-0 lead.

I started strong and had Josh down 5-0 without the spot. He made a run at it, but eventually I beat him 7 game to 4.

Now, Josh wouldn't stop there, that much I knew. We decided to play the same game for the same amount, but this time taking away my game on the wire.

In that set, I had absolutely no chance. Josh found his rhythm and when he does that he plays lighting fast and makes everything. Kind of like the way he plays poker, he is all about rhythm.

So after he smacked me around 7-0 I knew I was in trouble if we played another set. He wanted more, but I knew I had to change something. We bantered over the rules for the next set for at least 15 minutes, "No way Josh, you're strokin' it now there is no way I can win if you don't give up something." I said.

"I'll give you the 7 and 9." He replied.

"No way man, give me the 7, 8 and the 9 with no game on the wire."

"Oh you're killin' me man no way. I couldn't win. I'll tell you what, I'll give you the 7, the 9, and a game on the wire."

"How about this. No game on the wire, but give me the 7, 8, and 9 for the first four games and then just the 7 and the 9 the rest of the way?"

“I’m telling’ you man I couldn’t win.” Josh exclaimed.

“Ok how about this then. I’ll play you dead even in pool and then we’ll play one game of Golden Tee. If you win both you win.”

“No way man, no Golden Tee.”

This went on forever and was exactly my plan. When Josh is at his best, he isn't thinking, he is just shooting. If I played him right after the 7-0 shellacking it would have been a repeat performance. By icing him for 15 minutes I hoped to take him out of his rhythm. It worked.

I beat him pretty handily in that set and it was time to renegotiate. That set we agreed on the 7, 9 and a game on the wire. For our last set, we settled on the 7 and the 9 with no game on the wire.

I had a shot in that last set but missed too many easy shots which is doom against Josh. We left the pool hall dead even. Well not exactly: neither of us brought a cue so Josh paid this random guy $300 for his cue.

The next stop was back to my place for some Golden Tee. E-DOG challenged me to a match for $1000 a hole and realistically, he had no chance. He has some great shots in his arsenal, but he gambles way too much.

I was leading the whole way but playing terribly. Going into 16 I was a good six shots behind my normal pace. It was still good enough to handle Erick, but I was still imagining how crushed I would have had him if I had my putter working.

Speaking of putter, with a two shot lead heading into 18, I four putt... I four putt! I NEVER four putt! Steaming mad after losing $2000 to Erick we played one more hole, double or nothing. Luckily this time I didn't need my putter to be working as I hit a 7 iron to within about 6 inches.

By the end of that match everybody was "gambled out." Except Josh of course, I think he gambles in his sleep. For Josh's take on the evening check out his new blog at his website www.josharieh.com.


Today I continued my vacation waking up late and getting caught up on some reading. Later I spent over 6 hours on the phone returning messages that Travis had taken for me.

Now that Travis has been working for me for a little while, I just couldn't imagine keeping sane without him. It gives me the opportunity to really enjoy my little vacation here before the big events arrive.

Oh one more thing: did I tell you all that on May 6th I will be throwing out the first pitch at the SkyDome when the Blue Jays take on the White Sox? That should be a lot of fun, and quite an honor I might add.


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