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Karaoke Night and the Cincinnati Kid

09 Apr 2005

I vegged out for most of the day yesterday, unwinding from all of my recent travels. In the afternoon I had a new business partner drop by to talk about another venture I'm working on.

It was a brief meeting, and at around 9:00pm I thought I'd take my brother Mike out since he's been cooped up in my mother's apartment all week watching TV. You see, I was in Toronto all week so he was kind of stuck here until my mother moves into the new house that I bought her. Heís in town to help her move.

My plan was to play a little poker, but while there was a million games going there was no big game going. They had a 100-200 blind no limit hold'em game going, but I was more looking to play in the mixed game.

We hung out for a little bit and then headed over to Ya-Mang, a Korean owned Karoake bar on the east side of town. That's where some of my friends from Toronto like to hang out sometimes.

We got a private room as always and chit chatted for a while. Sam, Tyson, Gord, Ming, and a few others were there along with my brother and me. (see that, I got it right Steve) *inside joke*

Now I know my brother had never sang Karaoke before and I wasn't sure if he was going to like it. I started out with a little Eminen, "Lose Yourself" and from there the rest of the guys starting punching in songs.

Normally, my buddy Sam possibly the worst singer I've ever heard likes to go with songs like "I Swear" or "Endless Love." Sam turned down a record deal with William Hung's new label and wasnít into going on tour with him.

With my brother in the house though, the vibe would be very different. My brother was a rocker with a mullet back in the day and swears by Kiss, Guns N' Roses, Ratt, and all kinds of other loud "white music."

So Mike screamed out a few songs. It's hard to call it singing really, it sounds so much more like screeching. My brother had a really good time as did the rest of the crew. I think we've added one more Karaoke junkie to the mix. Seriously, if you've never gone to a Karaoke Bar and think its too "corny" for you, you need to give it a try. There is something very liberating about singing horribly with your friends. Not that "I'm" horrible, I was the designated rapper and even threw out some rhymes freestyle that actually worked!


Today I have work to do. I have about 7000 words to write for a project I'm doing and it's due tomorrow. So far I'm a little behind. While writing, I have The Cincinnati Kid on the TV- man is this the best poker movie ever or what? Well before it's time. If you haven't seen the movie and you love poker you just have to go out and buy it.

Poker aside, the film was so well done and the cast was perfect. Of all of the new poker movie ideas I've heard recently, nothing measures up to the classic, "The Cincinnati Kid." Sure the last hand is totally far fetched, but it takes nothing away from the fact that it is the most accurate look into the poker world I've ever seen in a movie.


So tonight I have a meeting at 9:00pm and then I might play a little poker if there is a game which I think there will be. As soon as I get back home though, it'll be right back to the laptop to write all night long. I'm such a crammer!