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Daniel - Poker Journal

Doing Reno in less than 24 hours

29 Mar 2005

No luck for me in Reno. I started out winning a decent pot and had my chips up to about 13,000. Sluffed off a few then lost a monster pot to Gavin Griffin with QQ. I had 14 outs on the turn but missed on the river and was down to about 3500.

I started to make a comeback, up to about 6500 when I got rivered by a back door flush in another key pot. That left me with about 2000 and while I struggled to survive, I finally went all in with 77 and it was again Gavin Griffin who got me, this time with 10-10.

I'm just about to board a plane here in Reno, but wanted to also let everybody know that the forum will be down until tomorrow for maintenance. The rest of the site is working just fine outside of the forum.

If I was going to get knocked out of the Reno event, it was a true blessing to go out on day one. That way I can spend a few days at home until I fly to Toronto for a party at Mike Vanderjagt's house and then ride the pine with the NHL players in the outdoor game on April 2nd.

There is always a silver lining if you really look for it.