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Having a Little Fun

13 Mar 2005

Seriously. I mentioned in my last blog that I was upset about something and already I had people prescribing medication for me! I'm fine, really I'm fine. Like I said in the blog I was upset about something but I'm over it.

Now that that's out of the way I can get back to my regularly scheduled blog. Yesterday Lori "woke me up" at 2:30pm. She has this really, really, annoying way of doing that. She calls and I hear, "Wakey, wakey, it's tiiiiiime for eggs and bacey."

I'm like, "What the? Eggs and Bacey?" When I finally do wake up though I realize that it's pretty funny after all, but at the time it's like poison to the ears.

I was out of the house by about 4:00pm and helped her with some errands she had to run. After that, I made reservations for eight people at Nobu at 8:30pm. Joining Lori and I were her sister Kimi and husband Caleb, Carlos and Cece, Andrea, and Leo.

I showed up at Nobu at the Hard Rock Hotel at 8:26pm (I'm a very punctual dude) and let the lady know I had reservations. Her reply was, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Ok, well that's obviously not what I was hoping to hear! The lady was being very rude about it to. Some guy there asked me for an autograph in the midst of the whole ordeal and said to the lady, "Don't you know who this is? Don't you watch TV."

Personally I hate it when people do that, I find it really embarrassing. Her reply was very smug once again though as she said, "I watch TV ok." So basically the plans that I actually made were ruined. They couldn't fit us in so we made arrangements to go to Hamada which I preferred anyway. If you've never done tepanyaki before you really need to try it, it's a lot of fun to watch the chefs cook in front of you, they are amazing.

For dinner I had my usual, a vegetarian dish with all kids of goodies. Hot premium Sake was flowing and I chased that down with a Sapporo. Dinner ended up being a lot of fun, and after that we decided to head over to the Bellagio for a cocktail.

At the piano bar at the Bellagio they have this one drink that is delicious. It's called Infusion and is basically Vodka and all kinds of fruity flavors. We chatted some more, but Lori, Kimi, and Caleb had to get to sleep to make their early flights the next day, and the others woke up early and seemed pretty tired.

So once they left, I was alone and wide awake. I headed over to the poker room to schmooze for a while and then played a friend of mine's chips in the 10-20 blind no limit hold'em game.

He had about $5000 in front of him, and since I was feeling frisky I decided to play in the dark- never looking at my hand unless I was faced with a huge bet.

I've done this before and as sick as this sounds I'm actual a big winner to it. Even sicker, I genuinely believe that I could win in that game without ever looking at my cards. Provided nobody knew that of course. This one hand I went a little nuts, but it was all in good fun:

One player limped for $20, another player made it $140 to go and I saw that he had about $900 left. Two people called and it was up to me on the button.

Now remember I have no idea what I have at this point! I decide that I feel like gambling with the initial raiser and I didn't feel like the callers would call a $5000 bet. "I'm all in." I said as the gathering crowd looked on in shock.

The initial raiser called as expected and the other two players agonized over the situation until they finally folded against my blind raise. No guts, no glory!

The player turned over his hand, K-K. Oh well, I guess I'll need a lot of help. The flop came 2-4-5 of diamonds and my opponent didn't have a diamond. Now I have no idea what I have, but I'm guessing that this might be a great flop for me. The turn card brings a jack, and on the river another 5 hit.

So now it was time to sweat my cards. I peeked at the side of the card and noticed that is was "two across" meaning it had to be a 4 or a 5. I didn't decide to find out just yet as I looked to see what was in store with my other card. I peeked again and noticed... two across! That meant I couldn't lose, I have to have him beat. I either had 4-4, 4-5, or 5-5 which makes a full house either way.

I turned up pocket fives and raked in the pot. I proceeded to play in the dark for another 45 minutes or so and put together a nice little win. Of course when I quit everyone in the game decided that the game was no fun anymore and they all threatened to quit.


Evelyn just finished a nice session playing in the $80-$160 hold'em game and invited me up to the club. Wide awake and a little bored I headed up to Light with Evelyn and a few other friends from Toronto.

We danced for a bit, had a few Belvedere and cranberries and had a really good time. As the lights came up signaling the patrons that they were closing down, we all walked over to Drai's, a French restaurant that turns into an after hours club.

Very bizarre vibe there as usual and I didn't stay too long. Right around that time I realized that Caleb and Kimi should be awake and heading to the airport, so I called him up and then picked them up at their hotel.

I was totally sober by then and decided to drive home after dropping them off at the airport. I didn't get to bed till about 11:00am. Not good for the sleep schedule, but oh well. At least I had fun.


When I woke up I saw an envelope at the foot of the bed addressed to me. It was a card from my mother. It was the sweetest card she'd ever given me. I thought it was really cute the way she tried to use big words. She let me know that she was really thankful for the house that I bought her the other day and that she loved me very much. It was really, really, sweet. Normally I'm not much of a Hallmark guy but this note definitely touched me. My mother is a pretty awesome lady. Sure she still likes to blow on my food which drives me up the wall, butter my bread, make my bed, and a whole slew of other smothering behavior. But hey, she's my mother and if she didn't care so much about me she wouldn't think to do those types of things.

So while I often get annoyed with her, I always remember to realize that any and everything she does has purely good intentions and that she loves me with all of her heart. I couldn't possibly have asked for two better parents. I feel like one lucky son of a gun. Not because I'm "lucky" at cards, but because I was raised by the PERFECT parents. Most of you know nothing about my father- the coolest man I've ever known, but maybe someday soon I'll tell you more about him.


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