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WPT Tunica Update Day Two

25 Jan 2005

It’s hard not to. Totally aside from the food the structure for the event is just plain horrible. I mean really:


What’s the rush? A great structure would look like this:


On so if you want to take out a level or two for time that’s fine. How about this:


Apparently last year they lost all of their players on day two by 6:00pm! Well with 512 entries this year we were down to 27 by 11:30pm. We are playing for a $5 million prize pool and the structure we’ve been given forces the skillful poker out, and the “move in” poker in.

I can understand this structure for a $200 buy in event, but for a $10,000 event there should be rules against this sort of thing.

I was ecstatic when I heard that Harrah’s WSOP circuit will be going to four days and 90 minute levels. The players didn’t like how the first event went and Harrah’s listened up and gave the players what they wanted. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen this year in Tunica and I doubt very highly that it will next year.

With 40 players left an average stack was left with very little play. For example: the blinds were 2000-4000 with a 500 ante. If a player raises to say, 16,000 what’s a player with an average stack to do with JJ? An average stack would be a little over 100,000. All he really can do is shove it in.

However, If the blinds were a more appropriate 1000-2000 as they should have been the first raise would have been to 8,000. Now, the player with the JJ has several options:

A) Call and see a flop
B) Re-raise to 25,000 to see where he is at
C) Go all in


So now that I’m done with my rant I’d like to explain what I’m trying to do to focus. I keep reminding myself over and over, “Just adjust Daniel. There is nothing you can do about it. Whining like a little baby isn’t like you.” While I know that’s all true it still frustrate me to no end. I am REALLY trying to stay positive though despite the fact that the structure is destroying an otherwise excellent tournament.

So I adjusted to playing like a robot like everybody else. Waiting for AA and KK… booooring! J-9 of hearts on the button… muck *sigh*. That’s so disheartening to me. 2-5 of clubs under the gun? Oh brother, guess I have to fold that one too… *sigh*

Again, trying to look on the bright side I’m still in there just below par with 141,500 in chips (par is about 190,000. Here are some other chip counts I saw as I was leaving:

Stan Goldstein 357,000
Chau Giang 297,000
Dan Hiemiller 245,000
Jim Lester 146,500
Herschel 144,000
Jeff Shulman 92,000
Padraig Parkinson 66,500
Alan “The Grinder” Mizrachi 38,000