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In Tunica, with the Right Attitude

23 Jan 2005

Iíve never really done all that well in Tunica. Iím more of a Las Vegas or Los Angeles type. Itís not that I ďdonítĒ like Tunica or Atlantic City for that matter, but the towns just donít suit my personal needs all that well.

Being a vegetarian, Tunica is extremely difficult for me. While most people just love the food here I usually starve myself because itís just not my ďcup of tea.Ē That usually puts me in a sour mood and I decided this time that Iíd approach the trip trying to look on the bright side of things. To give you a picture of what Iím talking about as far as food goes Iíd like to share two stories that happened to me in past years here:

Story #1: I woke up at about 9:00am and head down to the breakfast buffet for the poker players and was looking for some cereal. "Excuse me sir, do you guys have any cereal?" I asked.
"Cereal. Would you happen to have any cereal for breakfast?" At this point I totally gave up on the notion that they may actually have some soymilk when he replied, "Nope, but we got fried chicken."

Fried chicken! It was 9:00am, LOL. Anyway the next year I went there they did have cereal for the poker players.

Story #2: That same year I looked at the room service menu and knew that I'd have trouble with it. When I travel I prefer getting away from crowds and eating in my room. Knowing that I'd be in Tunica for a couple weeks I decided that I'd inquire about a health food store nearby:
"Room service may I help you?"
"Yes I was wondering if you could direct me to the nearest health food store?"
"Health food store??"
"Yes, is there a health food store I could drive to nearby?"
"One second... hey Billy, we got any health food stores around here? A customer is askin'?"
"Health food store?? You oughta tell that boy to head back to California or wherever he's from. We ain't got no health food stores round here."

Well Billy was wrong because I did find a health food store a few miles down the road. I just thought it was funny how shocked they were at the question.


So back to the present day, my Northwest flight was a smooth ride and I got here in good spirits. I saw Jeff Shulman and his fiancť were on the same plane, as were Steve Zolotow and Brad Daugherty.

Jeff and Christy were being picked up by her mother so Steve, Brad, and I shared a cab from Memphis to Tunica which is about a 45 minute ride. The ride seemed to go by like nothing. For those of you who don't know Steve Z personally he is a truly interesting guy. We talked the whole way about poker, games, life, etc.

I got to my room and immediately unpacked my stuff. That's positive thinking as far as I'm concerned. On my last trip to Atlantic City the only thing I took out of my bag was a toothbrush!

I then headed downstairs to buy in for the tournament and planned on heading back to my room. I hadn't eaten though so I thought I'd grab a quick snack to take up to my room. The best I could do was a slice of cheese pizza, but whatever I wasn't complaining.

Still hungry I pulled out the room service menu in the hopes that there was a pasta dish or maybe even a rice dish that would fill me up. No such luck though as pretty much everything on the menu had some form of carcass in it. "Room service may I help you?"
"Yes, I was wondering if you have any vegetarian dishes on the menu? Or maybe a pasta dish, anything without meat in it?"
"No sir, but you could take the meat off one of the salads?"

A salad alone wasn't going to do it for me though, I needed something a little more filling. So finally I decided to make my own concoction, "I'll tell you what I'll have then. Give me a club house sandwich without the pig and without the turkey."
"You want a club with nothing on it?"
"It has lettuce and tomato right? And both American and Swiss cheese. I just don't want the ham, bacon, and turkey."
"Ok..." she replied in sort of a 'what is wrong with this guy tone'. "It's going to be about an hour and a half though."
"That's fine thank you."

Well that call happened about an hour and a half ago so I'm expecting my grub any minute now. The rest of the night I plan on kicking back and maybe watching a movie. I can't decide on either Ray or Friday Night Lights... ene mene miny mo. How are my spirits? I feel good, honestly. I feel like Iím going to have a good day tomorrow and make a serious run at it. A positive attitude can do wondersÖ