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Grand Rapids here I come!

24 Nov 2004

So guess where I'm at? Take a wild guess. If you said airport, you've won yourself the door prize! It's about midnight here in Las Vegas and I'm getting ready to take a red eye to Minnesota and then on to Grand Rapids by about 9:30am EST.

My dog was too cute earlier. It amazes me how smart these little critters are. At the hint of me packing a bag or getting clothes together he knows... he knows that I'm leaving him.

It's at that point that I hear the whimpering. So sad but so cute at the same time. He scrambles madly trying to jump into one of my bags. He will literally sit in the corner on top of my computer bag because he knows I always bring that one with me. If I try to stuff the computer in there, he stuffs his little head in the bag. Everybody now: aaaaaaaah.

Well the good news for Mushu this time is that he's coming with. He is sitting beside me in his soft cover kennel chewing on a little bone I gave him. He is so good about flying he deserves a treat.


I'm actually looking forward to the trip. I just want to have some fun and kick back. On the 24th the plan is to get together with Lori and some of her friends and maybe go to the Bob, or the "Baaaaab" as Lori's friend Amy would say. The bob is basically a spot downtown with several bars and restaurants, it's really kind of a neat set up.

Then of course the 25th is Thanksgiving. I spent Thanksgiving there last year so this time I'm a little better prepared. Lori's mother was kind enough to prepare some vegetarian dishes so I wouldn't feel left out. I truly appreciated that.

Lori's dad is a die hard Michigan fan. So much so that he doesn't like going to the games because his heart can't take it. Talk about dedicated! Thanksgiving is spent watching the traditional match-ups which the Detroit Lions are always a part of. They've actually been pretty good this year... how old is Barry Sanders anyway? I figure if he's less than 55 years old he'd be better than the running backs they have now.

After the games it's dinner time. The one key cultural difference that takes a lot of getting used to for me is the absence of alcohol. Growing up in a European environment alcohol always played a roll in holidays and celebrations. Wine usually went with meals and beer would go with the football. No big deal really, it's just that I'd never seen anything like that before.


On the 26th I'll finally get my hockey fix when the Chicago Wolves travel to play the Grand Rapids Griffins in AHL action. Not a big AHL fan personally but hey, hockey is hockey and it's better than nothing.

Kyle Rossiter of the Wolves actually e-mailed me and offered me some tickets to the game. I have a feeling that the game is going to be a lot of fun. The only other time I went to a sporting event with Lori was when the Lakers and Suns faced off in pre-season action earlier this season at the Thomas and Mack center in Las Vegas. That night we had a blast.

Well anyway I guess I should be boarding the plane. The lady at the gate is starting to give me looks, as in, "We aren't about to hold up this plane for you. Get your butt on that plane." Yes ma'am!