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Dinner Break WPT Foxwoods

14 Nov 2004

I don't know if there is a politically correct way to say this, so I'm just going to blurt it out. The players at my first table and my second table just aren't very good.

I have been lucky to avoid any other name players at either table, and frankly it's been way too easy thus far. I have my 10,000 starting chip count up to 33,725 right now, and I haven't bet more than 2500 the whole day!

Seriously, I'm just pushing pot after pot and nobody is challenging me. It's been absolute controlled domination at both of my tables. My chip count has been steadily climbing and I think I've done a pretty good job of avoiding any disaster at all.

Here is a free plug once again for Foxwoods... you want a good place to start out in Tournament Poker? Foxwoods is a great place to start as I wrote in a column called "Foxwoods, a hidden gem" a while back.

Anyway it's dinner break but I've already gotten my grub on. Cyndy Violette, a vegetarian as well knew of a lady that lives close by that makes vegetarian meals for take out. Seems like every city we go to, Cyndy knows somebody. She is a health freak and I'm glad to know her!

Now it's time to sweat football scores for an hour. Being a Buffalo Bills fan (I know how sad) I'm stoked about the fact that they are back in the playoff hunt at 3-5. New England won't be easy of course but I think the Bills match up pretty well.

As for my fantasy team, man it's just do or die tonight. I now have the second highest point total in my league but my record is 3-6. That's just sick. Tonight I play "pow" which is Josh Arieh's team- the top team point-wise in our league.

As we speak I'm down 61.23 to 56.99 but I have four players still playing to his three. Hasselback stunk it up once again (man do I regret not getting Peyton Manning and Joey Porter for Hasselback and Derek Mason). My fate rests in the hands of Tiki Barber, my saviour this season.

If I don't catch him by tonight's game it'll be David Graham TE and Philadelphia DEF against Willis McGahee. That's gonna be a close one, yikes.

Man, fantasy is rough. I look at my banged up bench and just wonder what might have been. Randy Moss? riding the pine. Todd Heap? Out for like ever! angry

Both of those players are arguably the best at their position. *sigh*

I need to stop complaining, I'm starting to sound like those has been poker players who say, "I just ain't lucky like these kids today." Yeah right, that's it... but really I have been SOOOOO unlucky this season. Does anyone out there feel my pain? sad