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Beat down like a Step Child

08 Nov 2004

So in my last entry I told you about the miserable start I got to my road trip to the east coast. Well... it got worse.

The 4pm flight which we were scheduled to take got delayed due to rain. We didn't head towards the runway till about 5:30pm. Once there, someone on the plane was feeling sick so we had to head back to the gate to drop him off. (TO SELF- You gotta be kidding me?).

So we finally land in Boston at about 2am, about 8 hours later than our scheduled arrival. My stay at the Marriot was brief as at 6am it was time to get up and head down to the lobby to meet the others.

I may have gotten an hour of sleep, coupled with about three hours the night before and now I was supposed to be all spunky and upbeat for some interviews and TV spots.

7:00am- We meet in the lobby and head over toWFNX Radio. In the booth were Jennifer Harman, Mike Sexton, and myself. Now these guys didn't have the first clue as to what poker was all about. He introduces us and says, "Well Folks watch your wallets and hang on to your jewelry we've got some professional poker players with us today... so you guys aren't really thieves exactly, more like hustlers right?"

So right off the bat we knew that these guys most likely hadn't seen much poker on TV. At one point I was explaining the importance of reading people and that generally people's personalities are a direct indicator of their poker playing style. I then told him, "You'd be impatient. You don't seem like the type of guy that could sit and wait for a good hand.

He replied, "How did you know that? Everytime I go play black jack that's my biggest problem. I'm kinda freaked out now, that's amazing." Frankly it wasn't all that amazing. The guy couldn't sit still and was clearly hyper active. People like that generally don't have patience for poker.

9:00am- it was then off to do Good Day Boston, a local morning show where we would stage a little poker hand to teach the host. Kathy Raymond, director of Poker Operations at Foxwoods was also with us and started the piece with a quick interview.

Jennifer was teaching the host how to play and bet against Mike Sexton and I. Amazingly enough, the following hand was NOT staged: Mike Sexton limped for 100 on the button and Jennifer advised the host "Q" to limp as well from the small blind. In the interest of creating some excitement for the viewers I raised it with the 10d 6c. Both Mike and "Q" called.

The flop came 10c 6s 3c! Q checked, I bet and Mike moved all in. Apparantly Q was setting a trap for me and called the all in bet. Showtime:

Me: 10-6
Mike: 10-9
Q: 3-6

I won that pot and busted them both. Sweet, I win a monster pot for play money, how nice. We play another hand and I call a raise with 8-3. The flop comes down 3-3-2 and I busted Q again. What a waste of luck!

11:30am- our next stop was back at the Marriot to meet with a reporter from the Wall Street Journal. He asked some more interesting questions related to corporate sponsorship and poker as a business. It was a bizarre sense I got though, that we were selling the reporter on the idea that the launch of the PPT and the growth of the WPT is actually news worthy. I think when that reporter goes home and realizes just how hot poker is he is going to definitely want to do a story on it - everybody else is.

1:30pm- our next radio stop was with WZZN, a local sports radio show. Here we got lots of airtime. First Mike Sexton and Kathy Raymond spoke with the host then Jennifer had her chance. I brought up the rear and we probably were on air for close to an hour. The host here was a poker fan, but he too had the old rookie question for all of us, "What's the best poker hand you ever had?" Great guys though, and overall I think the show went well.

2:45pm- then it was back to the Marriot for our final obligation with the Boston Metro, the local newspapar. The interviewer was a young Boston native. She had mentioned that she'd played some poker and when she said that her favorite game was Omaha hi-lo she took Mike Sexton by surprise, "My goodness, we got a poker player here."

She really did a great interview and was well prepared with a solid slate of questions. It was refreshing for all of us as for most of the day we dealt with some relatively mundane questions.

After that, we were free to head to Foxwoods! Man was I excited. I ate like... well nothing and got virtually no sleep. I tried my best to sleep through the whole limo ride to Foxwoods but just couldn't get comfortable.

It's about 11:00pm local time right about now and I am about as tired as I've been in a very long time. Hopefully tonight I'll be able to get a solid 8 hours of sleep and be focused for the inagural PPT tomorrow...

In other news, as soon as I got to Foxwoods I noticed that John Juanda won ANOTHER tournament. How good is this guy? Scary. A once insurmountable lead now seems very vulnerable as I'm only ahead of John by about 500 points going down the stretch for Player of the Year honors. If he beats me I'll never speak to him again, LOL. wink