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Video Games

31 Oct 2004

Why is it that with all of the things piled on my plate all I really want to do is play Tiger Woods 2003 and Grand Theft Auto? You'd think that I would be motivated to "catch up" but all I keep doing is putting things off.

I have to prepare a one hour seminar for the WPPC on November 6th and I'm... well, I'm playing Grand Theft Auto? What is it about video games that seems to help me get away from all of life's stresses? When I'm playing I can zone out and not worry about e-mails piling up, column deadlines, people I need to call back, laundry, or any of the other chores that seem to continously pile up.

When I chose poker as a career I never signed up for it to be a job! I dunno, I guess I bring it all upon myself and it is rewarding to do media related things that help poker's popularity.

So back to the video games, I guess it's just a way for me to unplug from the rest of the world and get some much needed time alone. I'd hate for this blog to have the continuing theme that I'm bogged down and too busy to enjoy myself, but honestly at this point I do feel a little overwhelmed.

I'm sure when I get my battery recharged I'll be ok, but right now I just don't feel like I have a lot of energy. Today for example I blew off my responsibility to do commentary at the Ultimate Poker Challenge. It's not all bad as we rescheduled for tomorrow, but still I should have woken up like I was supposed to and get the job done. Not very professional of me for sure.

Now that I come to think of it, what am I doing writing this journal right now when I could be driving the green playing Tiger Woods?? Enough if this, I'll holla at y'all later.