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FCP Golf Weekend and Comedy Festival

22 Nov 2006

Yet another edition of "Weekend at Daniel's" came to a conclusion. This one, took on somewhat of a Ryder Cup format including golf and poker.

On Friday afternoon I headed over to Caesar's Palace to meet the winners and their lady friends. They were already in the middle of a freeze out and it looked like the ladies were dominating.

I could only stay a for a bit, but the three winners would all meet with me at the very exclusive party in less than an hour. I was asked to help teach some of the celebrities on hand to play in a charity poker tournament that would help hospitals for sick children along with FBI guy, Joe Navarro.

For those of you unfamiliar with Joe, he is the guy that is using his people reading skills to apply them to poker. In speaking with him, he gave me a few good tips. He did tell me that I was good at what I do and that I'm very difficult to read. He said that very few people are capable of talking and playing at the same time without giving away information.

Anyway, the rest of the winners made it in to Pure and I pulled them inside the ropes. Not too much later, Robin Williams and his wife walked in and Robin told me that him and his wife watch me in bed all the time. He then went into, like, full skit mode, mocking those that think they can play poker as well as those people on tv. You just can't do Robin Williams justice trying to egurgitate his material, so let's just say that his theme was that it's a lot harder when they turn that freakiní spy cam off!

He was a very cool dude. He introduced himself to all my guests and continued his routine. Also on hand were: Rosanne Barr, Billy Crystal, Mark Walhberg and the entire cast of Entourage, Bobby Bakala from Sopranos, Susan from Curb your Enthusiasm, Luc Robitaille, Jim Lampley, Bud Green, several cast members from The Wire, etc. I know I'm forgetting lots of people, but it wasn't like I was writing all this stuff down.

Several people sat down for my quick tutorial. I had very little time to teach these guys and some of them had zero experience. I started out with the absolute basics. dealing out Ace High, One Pair, Two Pair, and so on so they could all see what the hand rankings were.

Then I explained how the button and blinds work. After that I told them not to call but to always raise when they decide to play a hand. After we got that out of the way we dealt some hands face up and played them out face up so that they could all get the hang of it.

Once the event started I was walking around the room helping those that needed it. Funny story: Rosanne Barr made trip kings on a hand against Robin Williams and I went over to congratulate her. I extended my hand and she said, "I don't really like to shake hands."

I was like, "Me either! You are a freak like me!" After that she was asking for advice quite regularly.

There were seven tables set up, so each winner would go to the final table of seven. Adrian Grenier won his table, as did Bud Green. Billy Crystsal was down to the nitty gritty, heads up at his table. He had 7d 8d on a flop of Ad Qd 8. He bet. The turn was another 8 and he bet again. At this point, the guy has 300 left out of about 6000 in play. Billy checked! So sick, as the guy was going to call and it would all be over.

After that, unreal, the guy kept doubling up, and doubling up, winning EVERY coin flip. Billy ended up finishing second.

At the final table, Adrian Grenier was down to heads up. I gave him a few tips on how to play heads up and things were going well. He got confused on the last hand, though, and raised out of position with J-5.

I'd told him to raise on the button, but this time he raised from the big blind. The button called. The flop came J-9-3. Adrian bet, and the dude raised. I told Adrian to go all in, but he just called. The turn came an Ace, and NOW Adrian went all in. The guy had A-9 and that was that.

After that, we were scheduled to go to Tao, because Pure was supposedly impossible to get into. Luckily, my boy Lance hooked us up and got us a table in a prime spot.

Before the club opened, we headed to Spago for a quick bite. It was me, Lash, and the three winner, Shane, Corey, and Jason. The "ladies" were out spending money.

The ladies dropped by for a bit before heading to their rooms to get all purty. We all met outside of Pure just a bit later and Lance escorted us past the lines. When we walked in, these two girls stopped me and said, "Daniel? It's Mel. I work with your sister-in-law at the Salon in Toronto. I spoke to you on the phone once, do you remember?"

"Yeah, yeah, I totally remember! What are you guys doing in Vegas? Why didn't Ornella tell me you were coming? Come, join us at our table."

So they did. I had never met them before but they seemed nice and fit in with the group very well.

After a few drinks, I was witness to some... well, some scary things. My man Shane is a great golfer, in fact, he is a PGA instructor, but one thing he doesn't have control over are his dance moves! This dude is as white as you can get on the dance floor!

Corey, on the other hand, wouldn't dance at all. His wife was seriously workin' it, though, but he wasn't about to do it... till I made him! LOL. I told him to just hang on to her and he'd be just fine.

The club was packed as usual. At the table next to ours was Bob Saget and his crew. A few tables over, you had the Entourage crew. Next to them, Jamie Kennedy along with his sidekick Stu. Not sure if you saw the show Blowin' Up on MTV, but I thought it was pretty funny.

That dude Stu cracks me up and I ended up talking to him for a bit. Then he tells me to go upstairs with him as he attempts to put the moves on Hailie Duff. Don't think he fared too well, but the whole experience was pretty funny.

When we get back downstairs, Jamie and Stu get me in the DJ booth and do a shout out. That was kind of awkward actually.

The night was a lot of fun, but I had to cut it short at about 2:30am since I needed to get some sleep for golf the next morning.


We were split up into two teams and would play a two man scramble match against a pair from the other team. Corey and I were the first pairing, facing off against Jason, who SUPPOSEDLY sucked really bad, and Chris Lash who is a short iron master.

Jason, who was 20 years old couldn't come to the club the previous night. I probably mentioned to him at least 20 times how it would be better if he was 21 years old... but he's not, lol. Anyway, he was supposed to be terrible, but he came up big with his ugly looking swing.

We got killed, ended up dormie with four holes to play. On the next nine, it was me and Shane, the golf pro. I sucked bad, and he didn't play all that well, losing both matches.

The surprise had to be my boys Brian Balsbaugh and Jim Hess getting a split versus the dream team, Shane and Josh my caddie. They did have to play from the tips, but still, that was an awesome feat to tie them.

Our team was down 2.5-1.5 going into the four heads up poker matches. We needed to get at least one win in our first two matches, but..... DOH!, we got skunked! It was all over without even having to play the last two matches. Oh, and by the way, we got swept in those too. Yuk.

We played the matches at my house after watching the Michigan-Ohio State game. Pretty awesome game, but the wrong team won. My wife and family are diehard Michigan fans so I kind of adopted them as my college football team.

Anyway, I'm about to go play in a $1000 free roll tournament on FCP. We are back up today which is exciting. All players are welcome once again at FCP.

Over the next few weeks, FCP will be improving the software and ironing out any of the kinks during this beta period and additional poker sites will be joining this new network to add to the critical mass.

If you have any suggestions during this time, I totally appreciate your feedback. You can find a suggestions thread in the forum at http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-forum/index.php?showtopic=80955.


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