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Fullcontactpoker.com Goes Live!

08 Dec 2005

I am totally exhausted. This has been a crazy, and totally exciting week. That "big announcement" I've had to keep on the down low is something I can now share with all of you.

First of all: www.fullcontactpoker.com is now a place where you can play online poker with me and other FCPers. One of the coolest features about the site is that you can custom build a table to your liking. If you want to play three handed, Stud hi-lo in a private table with a slow structure, for example, you can do that.

Or, if you want to play a 30 man tournament with your buddies with a super fast structure, you can do that too. It's so easy to do.

The announcement was more than just announcing the launch of the online poker room, it was also to announce, "Daniel Negreanu's Protégé," a promotion that will give one lucky winner the chance to travel the tour with me over a four month span. You'll get a chance to play in four $10,000 buy in events, have exclusive e-mail correspondence with me, and I'll also be helping you at the events.

You'll get to hang out with me and some of my friends on tour and get a taste for "the life." All your buy ins will be covered as well as $5000 in spending cash.

There are ten ways to win your seat at the live final table that will crown the first ever protégé. For full details on how to qualify check out www.fullcontactpoker.com.


The FCP Launch party was an absolute blast! This was a big deal for me and I didn't just want to have your standard press release. I wanted the launch of FCP and the Protégé program to go off with a real bang.

So, 250 invited guests, along with about 100 other VIP's or press were there at the Hard Rock Cafe's club 279.

The doors opened at 6:00pm and the plan was for me to make an entrance at 7:00pm to say a few words and make the announcement. I came in through the back way and was escorted to the main stage by two showgirls.

I got up there, and unveiled a cutout of a random dude with a ? over a blank face. On his shirt it read, "Do you have what it takes to be Daniel Negreanu's Protégé?"

I went on to talk about my love for my hometown, a little bit about FCP, and also about the importance of online poker in general.

After I was done speaking I was whisked off stage to a special area that was set up to do interviews with various media outlets. They were set up back-to-back-to-back so I didn't get a lot of time to mingle right off the bat.

Once the interviews were over, I had a few minutes to mingle and make another announcement. In the building, was none other than my childhood hero, Wendel Clark!

I was so honored that Clark was willing to show up. He joined me on stage and we gave away a Wendel Clark NHL Alumni jersey. Later, Wendel and I posed for a few pictures before it was time for me to hit the final table.

The set up went like this: 49 randomly selected guests would play off in seven one table sit n' go's where the winner would make the final table along with me, a randomly drawn winner, as well as an online winner named... Diggles!

The blind structure was fast, obviously, as we had to get all of them done by 9:00pm. For the final table we had the same structure but went from 10 minute levels to 15.

I sat down with the winners and with A-10 hit a flop of 10-8-6. There were three callers of my pre-flop raise, so I was seriously thinking, "Am I going to be the first one out?"

I went all in and hoped that no one would call, lol! No one did, and then I hit a lucky rush getting down to the final three.

Then, even more surprises... "Dougie!!!" I heard someone yell, and it was the Killer, Doug Gilmour that showed up!

I already knew they were coming to the party, but it still blew me away to see them there. It was an absolute honor and I'm forever grateful. Doug brought along with him a huge hockey bag full of autographed goodies and things for the final winner.

Fittingly, Terrence, the player I was heads up with was the first one to the party and was also wearing a Maple Leafs jersey and a Leafs hat.

When we got heads up we were about even in chips, and the very first hand he went all in. I had 9-4 and folded.

Then the next hand he did it again! Finally, for the third straight hand he went all in again and I asked the crowd if it was time for me to make a stand. They all cheered, and so I called with K-9. Terrence had A-4 and won the prizes... he would have won them anyway, but he also had a chance to beat me and did so. Good job Terrence, I want my rematch at www.fullcontactpoker.com!

After the tournament the place started to clear out a little bit so I had a chance to hang out with some of the diehard FCPer's. Royal Tour and his fan club, Mike Patrick, BC 30, and of course, the lovely MarionSauce.

We all hung out until closing time and I felt like I got an even better vibe for the pulse of FCP. What a good group of guys (and girl).

My mother and brother were also on hand and it was just so nice to have them there. My mother has become a bigger celebrity than I could ever be! She was signing more autographs than me, lol. It was a proud moment to have her there and know that she was feeling well.

One thing I hadn't shared with you all is that my mother was having heart problems. She recently had a Pacemaker put in, so it was extra special to see her make it out to the party.

After the party, me and the FCP Biz Team headed back to their hotel room and were anxious to hear all of your feedback. As with any new site, bugs are to be expected, but from the reaction we got it seemed as though things went pretty smoothly.

The FCP 24 phone support is, frankly, second to none and I was so happy to hear that everyone was being helped in a timely manner. The feedback we get from the FCP forum is absolutely crucial in making FCP an awesome place to play. Don't be shy, if you have suggestions, or even criticisms post them in the forums and the Biz Team WILL address your post.

They keep a running log of all of the questions or concerns you all might have and get replies out on the forums very quickly.


After the party, while others had a chance to get to bed it was time for me to get out there and promote the Protégé program to the world. At 8:00am I appeared on Canada AM.

Then at 2:00pm we filmed Off the Record which is a show I just love doing. I had a chance to meet Kirk Muller, who was also on the show, and he invited me to an event in February that I may be able to make in Kingston, Ontario.

After the show, I headed over to the Fan 590 studios to do Prime Time with Bob McCowan which also airs on Sportsnet nationally. I spent an hour with Bob and Elliot Friedman, just "talking poker."

As far as radio is concerned, Bob McCowan's show is probably my favorite to do not only because I grew up listening to him, but also because he appears to be rather knowledgeable on the subject. He doesn't need a notepad with questions, the conversations just flow very smoothly.

After doing the FAN I drove home to get some much needed rest. Then this morning I was on the air with Mix 99.9 doing the Humble and Fred morning show. What a fun group they were! I was listening to the show on the way there and they were talking about this absurd push to change the name of a “Christmas tree” to a “Holiday tree.” Have these people got nothing better to do? Is anybody truly offended by the term Christmas? Since when did Christmas become a bad word?

Anyway, my last bit of work was a show on CFRB 1010 where we talked more about the Protégé program.

I am now back at my mother's condo here in Toronto, surfing the forums at www.fullcontactpoker.com and getting ready for a late flight out to Las Vegas tonight.

I plan on playing at FCP more tomorrow. You can actually keep tabs of my playing schedule at FCP by clicking on the "Where's Daniel?" tab.

As for my screen name, I went with old faithful, "Kid Poker." I plan on playing a lot of low limit poker on the site, and also setting up little private FCP games as well. I also plan on making use of the $500-$1000 limit table if I can get any takers. You game? :-)


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