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I Just got Married!

20 Aug 2005

Wow, I'm married. It still hasn't really sunken in fully I don't think. After all we haven't settled in yet and there are lots of family and friends in town that we still have to entertain before our lives become normal.

When I say "normal" I'm not referring to the normal many of you may assume. Normal is getting back on the road to play poker, do some TV shows, interviews, DVD's, the book, writing columns, working on FCP, STACKED, the Challenge Matches. All the while making sure that my new number one priority feels as special as she truly is.

The wedding went perfectly. Other than a 4:00pm start time that was pushed back almost half of an hour due to an accident on the highway, everything went smoothly.

The ceremony was beautiful. Initially it was only going to be family and a few close friends, but at the last minute we decided to add a few guests to the list and ended up with about 100 people. There are so many more people I wanted to invite, but we had to draw the line somewhere.

Some I just totally forgot about. I lost my old phone and was missing some phone numbers. Mike Sexton is a guy I would have invited for sure, but for some reason it slipped my mind. That one I felt truly bad about, sorry Mike!

I did call Mike to let him know that and he handled it very well as expected by congratulating me and wishing me luck. There were lots of other people that weren't there and I just hope they don't take it personally. It's really tough to get all that right, especially for a poker player that is a procrastinator by nature!

There were lots of people in the poker world at the wedding. Erick Lindgren was my best man along with my real brother Mike, and my brothers from another mother, Oren and Regev. JENNIFER HARMAN, John Hennigan, Ted Forrest, John Juanda, Allen Cunningham, Melissa Hayden Matt Savage, David Williams, Evelyn Ng, Eric Rosenberg, Jeff Shulman, Chau Giang, Eli Elezra, Mark Gregorich, Mike Matusow, Carlos & Cece Mortenson, Mori Eskandani and several others.

In fact, even Mr. "Bad Boy" of poker Phil Hellmuth made his fashionably late entrance, arriving at about 9:30pm! It meant a lot to me that he could make it out since I know how busy he is with his fantasy camp this weekend. Phil just jumped right out there on the dance floor and showed off his "moves" if you can call them moves that is!

Lori decided on a Moroccan theme for the wedding, going with belly dancers, a Moroccan band, a cigar roller, a henna tattoo guy, and all of the decorations were Moroccan as well.

Initially when she described this whole Moroccan deal to me I was thinking, "This woman has lost her mind!" Of course, when I saw the room I was blown away. It was absolutely gorgeous.

There was one funny thing that happened at the ceremony I'd like to share. When it was time to exchange rings I got to see my wedding band for the very first time. All I can say is, "What the???"

It was the most ridiculous excuse for a wedding band I've ever seen. I mean it was absolutely horrible. It looked so 1981 Magnun PI with diamonds and all. It weighed nothing and it looked like it came out of a Cracker Jack box.

All I could think was how did her and Amy come up with something so ugly? Do I really have to wear this thing for the rest of my life?

After we walked down the aisle we headed to a private room for a champagne toast. There she asked me, "So did you like the ring?"

I didn't want to be mean or anything like that so I said, "Yeah. It's a little big, but it's nice."

Apparently she could no longer keep in her laughter and told me it was a gag ring! She paid $20 for it at a pawn shop yesterday. She then presented me with my real ring and it truly was perfect. She is such a wise guy sometimes. I got a good laugh out of it and was so relieved to get rid of the other piece of junk that might have turned green in a few more hours!

When the wedding was over I reserved a table at Le Bete for all of the remaining guests, but of course I didn't stay as I had to attend to my wife. My wife! Did I just write that? Cool.

The room upstairs was done up beautifully with candles and rose pedals everywhere. A perfect end to a perfect day. The rest of the evenings proceedings is nobody's business!

I can tell you that she gave me a really cool wedding gift. She’d always noticed how excited I got about this robot dog they sell at Gizmo’s in Wynn. The thing is so neat and will be a cool playmate for Foxy and Mushu.

As for her gift, I gave that to her today. It was a gift that represented something to me. A promise to her that I will always make time for us. Always make sure that we have things to do together. So, I bought two awesome new Honda ATVs that we can go off roading with. I know she loves that kind of stuff and I think we will get tons of enjoyment out of riding in the mountains with them. I’m really looking forward to it.

That's all for now, my wife and I are getting ready to have dinner over at my mother's and then out to dinner with her friends as well.

Oh, if you are curious about the honeymoon, we aren't going until September 1st so I will be looking forward to kicking some butt in the next WPT event at the Bike. I'm psyched and ready to play some cards. I've gotta, "feed my family," as Latrell Sprewell would say after turning down a $14 million dollar deal from the Timberwoles!

I didn’t have a chance to write a blog about my last challenge match because I’ve been too busy, but it was a roller coaster ride that saw me up as much as $220,000 and down as much as $170,000. I ended up losing $17,000, but I think I played close to a perfect session. I was dead on with my reads, but lost several key pots on the river. No sweat, “that’s poker” as they say.


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