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Ohio State University

16 May 2005

My flight left Vegas at 6:25am and since I didnít think Iíd wake up in time I decided to stay up. For most of the night I played Golden Tee, then NBA Showtime, NFL Blitz, and then back to Golden Tee. I was so into it that I almost missed my flight anyway!

My laptop was acting up so I left it at home since I wasnít going to be gone long. In fact I traveled lighter than Iíd ever traveled before. I brought just my knapsack with some toiletries, magazines, My Vegetarian Handbook, a pair of jeans, T-Shirt, socks, and underwear. Thatís it!

When I got to Columbus I was greeted by the event organizer named Mary. Organized she was! A communications major that really seemed to know what she was doing. She took me to my hotel where Iíd get a chance to take a quick nap. She also handed me an Ohio State Buckeyes jersey. #47 which belongs to A.J. Hawk.

The first thing I thought of when I received the jersey was, ďWhat will Loriís father think?Ē Loriís father Roger is an absolute die hard Michigan fan, which inherently makes Ohio State ďthe enemy.Ē Needless to say, I didnít pick up any Buckeyes souvenirs for him while I was in town. Chances are heíd use them for firewood anyway!

I jumped in the shower at around 6:00pm, threw on my jersey and headed downstairs. Mary was there waiting with the car and she took me over to the school. I walked into the room and signed autographs and took some pictures for about 45 minutes. After that I couldnít take it anymore as I was starving. I ordered a Tofu Surprise from Mark Pisí ??? A Chinese restaurant in the food court. Aside from the bizarre name, Iíd have to say that it was yummy.

After I finished eating I headed over to the auditorium for the Q & A. I answered questions for about half an hour and then it was time for the main event. They had 330 entrants into the tournament and there were 8 players left. They would have a raffle for one remaining seat and I of course got the last seat.

Right off the bat this dude that called himself ďShip itĒ started playing every pot. An absolute maniac! He didnít really care what he started with or how much the raise was, Ship it was in there. He got off to a solid start, but his crash and burn was inevitable as he was the first one eliminated.

As for me I didnít really play a hand for the first 20 minutes. I was actually trying my best despite the fact that I was playing for pride, and pride only.

So we had ďShip ItĒ and then we had the ďMilkman.Ē Ship It came into the event with a nickname, but I coined the other player the Milkman based on the way he was betting his hands- totally trying to milk his opponents with those itty, bitty bets.

I started off really slow and was down to about 1800 of my original stack of 2500. Then I hit a nice little rush and busted a few guys in a row. By the time we were five handed I had the chip lead and had busted all but one of the players.

Down to three handed I had close to half the chips but the blinds were getting so high that it was still anybodyís ball game. Eventually though I was able to bust the final two players and capture the inaugural Ohio State Championship! Sweet. I was actually really surprised that I won to tell you the truth.

Of course I wasnít eligible for the bracelet, so that went to the second place finisher. The whole event was a lot of fun and they all seemed like a good bunch of guys. After the event was over I signed some more autographs, took some more pictures, then it was back to the hotel for me.

The food: yum yum again! Room Service at the Blackwell was just awesome. They had several dishes on the menu that didnít include any tortured or slaughtered animals or carcasses at all. I went with the Blackwell salad which was an awesome blend of Greens, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Yum yum! Then for my main course I had a spinach fettuccini that hit the spot. The portion sizes were normal too. Not like what you normally see in this country with all of the oversized meal portions youíll typically find in restaurants. Not knowing what to expect in Columbus I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed.

My flight home left at 6:00am and Mary was there bright and early at 4:45am to pick me up. On the way home I continued reading the Vegetarian Handbook and am now even more disgusted with the Beef and Dairy industry. Iíve been a vegetarian for close to five years now, but after reading more about the problems with dairy Iím thinking about going Vegan- as hard as that might be for me since I love cheese. Itís just simply waaay healthier and from a world view standpoint so much better for humanity. If everyone on earth was a vegetarian we would completely wipe out world hunger. Not to mention the fact that it would curb obesity, heart disease, and a million other health risks associated with meat consumption. *** end of soapbox rant J


The plan for today is to do a few interviews, take a nap, and then get ready for my 7:00pm heads up match against Mimi Tran over at the Wynn. Mimi is an excellent limit holdíem player and has challenged me to a $500,000 freeze out. I feel much better about this match since I got rid of some of the rust playing David Oppenheim the other night.

I didnít do so well in that last match, but I plan on being more focused this time around. Against David I felt rusty, distracted, and unlucky. Nice combination huh? LOL. I feel much better about tonightís match since Iíve had a chance to get back in the groove, will be well rested, and know what I need to focus on that I didnít against David.

(If you want updates on the match check out the link in the General Forum)


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