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Daniel Negreanu Ė Tip of the Week

Donít get beat down

I'm probably asked this poker question more than any other. How do you deal with bad beats?

It's a relevant question, especially considering how important it is to be able to handle those painful stings of bad luck that you'll inevitably encounter.

There are definitely some do's and don'ts when it comes to dealing with bad beats. Let's look at a few of the don'ts.

1. Don't tell bad beat stories.
Do you want a sure-fire way of guaranteeing that nobody will talk to you? Just tell them how unlucky you've been and how they wouldn't believe the hand you just lost with.

Look, they really don't care. Bad beats happen to everyone.

I mean, seriously, have you ever looked forward to someone telling you a hard-luck story? Keep your bad beats to yourself.

2. Don't go on tilt.
What often happens to players when their luck runs bad is that they start playing poorly. They go on tilt. They chase hands they normally wouldn't or try something new because, hey, playing good cards just isn't working.

Reacting in this manner will wreck your game. You don't have to try something new. You need to focus more keenly on playing well and sticking to your game plan despite the bad run of cards.

3. Don't let your opponents see you sweat.
If they know you've been running bad, their confidence against you will soar. They will surely look for the opportunity to attack. Like sharks circling their prey, once they see you're wounded, they'll move in for the kill.

You must keep your composure at the poker table and not let bad beats affect your play. Staying calm and focused will go a long way towards making a quick recovery.

Keep this in mind, too: When players ask how your cards have been running, it's a trick. Answer shrewdly by saying, "Pretty good, actually. I've been on a nice streak lately." You might know that the cards have turned to ice, but your opponents don't need to know it. Remember, deception is fundamental to the game of poker.