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Daniel - Poker Journal

BC Day 1

21 Nov 2008

Gotta run down in 10 minutes for day 2. We started day one with 15,000 in chips I ended the day with 56,425 after folding Aces the last hand of the night on a flop of 9d-6d-3d (he had the flush).

I played the whole day with a brutal hangover. They had me drinking at the bar till late and I didn't realize the time went by so quickly.

I spent the entire day paying ZERO attention and simply sticking to an extreme version of small ball that just... works. The only attention I paid the whole day was to my blackberry as I was texting the whole day. My battery actually died by the end of the night!

Everybody went out partying again, but I said, "No thank you." I really needed the rest. Obviously all of that night broke many of my rules, but luckily I got away with it.

This place is gorgeous by the way and they've treated me better than I've ever been treated before, classy all the way.

Today I plan on trying hard, paying attention all day... 10 minutes to go, bye!