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Eating Brain

12 Apr 2008

I feel strong like bull. As prepared as I've ever been for an overseas tournament and I have more energy than ever thanks to eating extremely healthy, getting some exercise, and following all of my rules to a tee.

I attended the welcome party last night, floated around the room talking to qualifiers, etc., but drank water the whole night. After the party I went straight to my room.

Today I got a facial which I'm sure will fuel the gay rumors even further, lol. After that I attended the brunch, went to checkout the start of day 1B and now and about to do an interview/photo shoot followed by a Wii golf match at 5:00pm. At 7:00pm I'll head to the gym for an hour, get some food, go back to the room... and watch poker on my laptop.

I've been getting up at about 9:00am and have a 10:45am massage scheduled for tomorrow which looks to be a long day with 7 90 minute levels, plus 15 minute breaks and a dinner break. It'll be a long day- and I'll be ready.

I'm in that killer mindset, like I literally want to eat people's brains. Just literally rip their brains to shreds after an appetizer of ripping their hearts out of their chests, taking a big bite out of them, and then spitting the blood back in their faces.

I want this tournament bad and absolutely guarantee an intense effort. If the cards cooperate at all I'm going to pwn this tournament, absolutely pwn it.

This blog sounds silly, I just read it and think it's slightly insane, lol, but I'm just in that zone mentally right now and this is the best way to describe it. I plan on winning this tournament AND the WPT Bellagio next week. Strong like bull.