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Happy New Year!

02 Jan 2006

Well, maybe not the coming year, but at least January. My plan for January is to play in EVERY big tournament across the globe. Starting with the WPT event in Bahamas from Jan 4th to the 11th.

On the 11th, I'll fly to Miami to do an appearance that evening. On the 12th, I'm flying to LA in the afternoon, attending a media party at 7:00pm, and then later that night I'm flying to Australia for the Aussie Millions!

On the 18th, I'll be flying back to LA, and grabbing a connecting flight to Memphis to play in the WPT event at the Gold Strike. The WSOP Circuit event, which is also being filmed, is right on the heels of that event.

Then on the 26th I'll be flying to Atlantic City to play in the WPT Borgata event. I'll be back home to Vegas on February 2nd, a full month of being on the road.

I have some "special plans" on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th that I can't tell you guys about, lol, I love saying that!


New Year's Eve was a blast, as we spent the night at Jennifer's place and my “brothers” Regev and Oren were able to make it out from LA.

Yesterday, I played some more online poker. Once again, I was up against Dreamclown, only it wasn't Dreamclown?

There are several of the young players that share the same account and at the beginning of the match, Matt, "Dreamclown #2", informed me that it would be him playing today.

I chatted with him off and on and he came off as a very mature 23 year old. Very respectful, very polite, and a very good player to boot!

Right off the bat I went on the biggest online rush I'd ever been on, which was closely followed by the worst rush I'd ever been on! I got to the front a little over $80,000, and over the next 1.5 hours or so got creamed pretty good, losing back the whole $80,000 along with $67,000 more!

At the beginning of the match I informed Dreamclown #2 that I'd be quitting at 8:00pm. When 8:00pm came, I sat out as I said I would, said good game, and that was that.

No trash talking, no venom whatsoever from either side. Despite the horrible run, it was an enjoyable session.

Frankly, I still don't care for Dreamclown #1 one bit, but this kid Matt seemed like a good guy, and he also seemed like the real deal.

He was much more creative. #1 played more like a robot, while #2 added several layers of finesse to his game that allowed him to maximize in certain situations, while at the same did a MUCH better job of avoiding disaster.

Pre-flop they both played the identical strategy, of raising every button and calling every big blind, but it was after the flop that #2 separated himself as the better of the two, IMO.

They claim #1 is the better of the two, but I beg to differ. Against overly aggressive players that may hold true, but against top players I would imagine that #2 would fare much, much better.


Tonight I saw Memoirs of a Geisha, very enjoyable. Sad in some ways, but also very enjoyable.

I don't think I'll be able to play online tomorrow or the day after as I have to prepare for a month long road trip.

Oh, forgot to tell you my New Year's Resolution: to do some kind of physical exercise three times a week.... so far, I'm behind, lol!