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It's Almost Party Time!

06 Dec 2005

It's 3:00am right now and I just woke up. I'm supposed to be up at 5:30am anyway to do Breakfast Television at 7:00am this morning, but I couldn't sleep as things were racing through my head in preparation for today's party at the Hard Rock Cafe.

The last few days have been rather hectic in preparation for the party, but I just wanted to make sure that we've covered all the bases and everything goes smoothly. After getting a lot of work done yesterday, I'm totally confident that the event will be a huge success and everyone attending will have a blast.

Aside from working on the party in the last couple days, I also had some time for myself. Yesterday, Eric Lindros invited me to the Leafs practice and it was really fun to watch. I'd seen games before, but there was something even more intense about watching a practice.

I also ran into Darcy Tucker who I'd met when I coached the outdoor game in Hamilton as well as several of the other players. The Kings are in town and were set to practice right after the Leafs so I thought about sticking around to say hello to Roenick. I did a show with him a while back and haven‘t seen him in a while, but I needed to make a 1:00pm appointment with an old friend, Shawna, who is now a "big shot" lawyer J Shawna and I went to school together and met when we were like, 14 years old!

I had to meet with her since she is a notary and I have to renew my passport. After meeting with Shawna, I stopped off at the Eaton Centre for a while before an important meeting related to the party.


The day before I met up with another old buddy Jason. He was at his regular bar with a few friends. I decided to stop by and say hello for a little while, but ended up getting involved in some very inspiring conversation.

When I got there they were talking about Medicare and socialized medication. From there we got into Canadian and American politics, and finally, for most of the evening the topic of conversation was God and religion.

It wasn't church in the typical sense, but nonetheless it was a gathering of people talking about God which is in essence, exactly what church really is. It doesn’t matter if you are in a bar, a temple, gymnasium, or a diner. Church is everywhere.

There was a wide variety of opinions on several issues, but what I was most impressed with is how well everyone handled the discussion. Usually a very heated topic, the respect that all of us showed each other when speaking was just awesome.

At the "round table" we had an atheist, a Catholic, a fortune telling believer in Pagan literature, an agnostic, a Christian, and several others.

We talked about gay marriage, civil union, abortion, A Case for Christ, church and state, the definition of a Christian... you name it, and it seemed like we covered it!

I was extremely proud of myself for the way I handled the discussion. I am a pretty passionate, and sometimes opinionated person that can get heated in certain environments, but in this environment, I felt completely comfortable and totally respected.

The whole evening was the epitome of a "good time" for me. I thoroughly enjoy meaningful conversation that challenges me, while at the same time is void of aggressive or hurt feelings.

Anyway, I just had to throw that out there because the whole experience was very motivating to me personally and I left feeling very good about it.


Today, after I do Breakfast Television I'll have to head straight to the passport office to put a rush on my passport. After that, I have a 3:00pm meeting with the FCP "Biz Team" to go over the details of the party.

The doors open at 6:00pm so that won't leave me much time to relax, so I'll be working on pure adrenaline.

Man, I totally wish I could share with you the details of the party, but you'll just have to wait until tomorrow. There were a couple last minute additions to the guest list that frankly, has me really excited. Who am I talking about exactly? Well, you should know by now... I can't talk about it, lol!


Oh, and I almost forgot. An old friend of mine, Sheldon Cohen, had explained to me that his current friends don’t believe that he knows me. For the record, yes Sheldon and I are friends. In fact, Sheldon was the guy that did all of my household chores as a teenager.

You see, I used to beat him out of so much money playing poker that I had him doing manual labor to pay off his debt! “Hey Sheldon, you want to knock $20 off of our debt? Well, there are some weeds in the backyard that my mother asked me to pull. Take care of that and you’ll only owe me $2840!”