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Daniel - Poker Journal

There will be no Rematch

25 May 2005

Joe is a great limit hold'em player. At this point I see no point in playing him again. I think Joe came into the match feeling like a decent sized favorite since limit hold'em is his specialty, but after the match Joe said he had no interest in a rematch either.

I didn't play as well today as I did yesterday. I got even at one point and think I hit the turbo button a little too soon. I was going for a knock out punch by playing very aggressively for a short period of time, but it was enough for me to dig yet another hole for myself. In hindsight I think I should have just stuck with my game plan, especially since Joe handles super aggressive players in California so well. My mistake.

After the match Joe and a few mutual friends of ours went for drinks in the lounge. We talked some poker, but mostly we talked about religion, politics, and all kinds of other heated topics like, "Is poker a good thing for kids?" Or even, should we start a "Stay OUT of school program" for young kids destined for doom by following the system, and instead teach them how to play poker so they can make 80 to 100 thousand a year? All good conversation.

When we were finished at the bar I drove Joe over to his hotel and we talked about several things. The one thing I wanted to ask him about what whether or not he'd be cool with playing these matches against other people in the future.

He seemed cool with it and since I have so much confidence in his limit hold'em skills I may use him to "sub in" for me if my opponent was cool with that.

In my opinion, Joe is the best young player poker player (under 25) in the world today. He is mature beyond his years and handles himself with class at and away from the table.

He's been playing since he was 18 so he isn't exactly a rookie either. He's played with some of the best players in the world over the last few years- and won.

I don't know enough about his pot/no limit hold'em skills, but when it comes to limit hold'em I just don't see how he could be a significant underdog to anybody in the world.

As he gets more experience with no limit hold'em tournaments I have no doubt that he will one day be considered among the best in the world. He's had a lot of deep finishes in the major televised events, but he really hasn't made a big splash yet... he will.

Again, as for a rematch I cry ďuncle.Ē I donít think there is anything I can do at the moment to gain a significant enough edge to make playing him again worthwhile. Now Iíd accept a challenge in pot or no limit, but until my limit holdíem game is back in top form he is barred from my limit holdíem matches officially!

Itís very strange for me to say this, but in losing to both David and Joe it didnít really hurt so bad because they are both gentlemen. It would be much harder for me to swallow losing to somebody I didnít like. Iím not sure thatís a good thing overall, but I know that deep down I look for blood when Iím up against an opponent I want to crush. Against friends, Iím often complacent and just end up ďplaying my cardsĒ more than looking to rip their heart out of their chest, stomp on it, take a bite, and then spit it back in their face. Nice graphic huh?

Anyway, itís late now and I am playing in a special Battle of the Champions event with all of the WPT champions from season three. We are playing for a seat into the $25,000 WPT Championship event which isnít much equity at all. Itís a little like slave labor but it should be fun. Taking it seriously will be the struggle I think all of the participants will have to face since the money will be virtually meaningless to all involved. Itís all about bragging rights reallyÖ