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Airport Security Makes Me Laugh

09 May 2005

I woke up late today and switched my flight to a 6:20pm departure from Reno to Las Vegas (strike one- more on that in a moment). When I check in the lady informs me that I’ve once again, been “randomly” selected for an additional search.

Now it’s not that big a deal really, unless of course you get randomly searched on over 75% of the flights you take. It’s starting to really get on my nerves, especially because the selection criteria is no secret:

1) If you book your flight late, that’s a strike against you.
2) If you pay cash, that’s strike two.
3) If you book a one way flight, that’s strike three.
4) If you change your flight, that’s strike four!

Well I fly a lot, and I often book one way flights late, pay cash, and then am forced to change the flight because I get knocked out of a tournament early. If the selection criteria was designed to target poker players they’ve done a bang up job!

I mean seriously, do they think the bad guys aren’t aware of this ridiculous excuse for profiling? Do they really think that the bad guys just randomly wake up and say, “Hey Ahmed, what do you feel like doing today?”

“Oh I dunno, feel like hijacking a plane?”

“Sure, let me see if we can book a late flight.”

I mean really, to think that the bad guys wouldn’t plan ahead if they had evil intentions is naïve. If anything, booking a late flight should be a reason NOT to red flag you!

Whoever came up with the system for profiling potential flight risks wasn’t thinking obviously. We must think that the terrorists are really stupid to not figure out how to beat this weak system… anyway, that’s my flight, gotta run.