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You HAVE to rent Coach Carter

09 May 2005

I was a little sick still going into the event and didn't sleep well. Still though, I planned on giving it my best effort.

I was a little antsy at first, but settled in eventually and got my chips up to $40,000. Then I ran into the ultimate pre-flop cooler:

I limped in under the gun for 300 with KK. The button made it 900, and I made it 3000. The button just called.

The flop came 10-3-3, I bet 3000, he went all in, and I called. He had aces which sucked for me but hey, I'm not going to complain about that one. Within four more hands I lost three sizeable pots and was done for. So much for a good start!

I headed up to my room and decided to relax a little bit since it was too late to fly out to Vegas tonight. So I rented a movie, Coach Carter. I just loved this movie.

If you are a basketball fan at all, like feel good stories, or are upset about how ridiculous the school system is in the country, you will love this film.

It's about a coach that takes it upon himself to not only turn his team into winners on the court, but is also defiantly dedicated to making sure that he turns his high school basketball team into winners off the court as well.

Just a great flick, that had me crying several times. Sure it's got some predictability to it, but if you are looking for a pick me up, or a feel good flick this is the one for you. Did I mention I got knocked out of the tournament? Oh yeah, I guess I did, never mind!