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19 Apr 2005

I had my mojo today. It seemed like I ran into the nuts a million times today but I was able to get away from several key hands. A made flush, top pair, two pair... and a few other marginal spots as well.

I was at an extremely soft table today. Only Jennifer Harman and Mike (the Party Poker winner) seemed to be experienced players. The rest seemed rather new to the game.

It could have been a huge day for me but the cards didn't cooperate. I didn't make any straights, not enough two pair hands, and only one flush that mattered big time. The other flush I made I ended up folding on the turn to a bigger flush.

I did nothing stupid today. My goal tomorrow is once again, to do nothing stupid. To focus intently as I did today, pick up the pots I'm supposed to, and lose the minimum when I run into adversity.

I woke up right at 10:05am fresh and energized. Actually my alarm went off at 10:00am and I didn't get up until Lori's mother Sandi called me at 10:05am to pray.

We weren't praying for "lucky cards" or anything like that, only that I would have the focus, energy, and patience to be at my best throughout the day.

Praying with others is very new to me but Lori's mother has been very patient with me and is "showing me the ropes" which I truly appreciate. Even since Lori and I broke up a couple months ago, she has still been very supportive to me, sending me devotionals and things like that everyday.

So anyway, I ended the day with 71,500 and while I should be happy with that stack I was actually hoping to have a little more considering the great table I drew. I didn't want to push too hard though, because the correct strategy at that table was to extract value, not bluff. That made it more difficult for me to "run without the ball" if you will.

I needed to hit some flops today but hit far too few and my opponents seemed to hit every one! Oh well, tomorrow is a new day and I'm looking forward to the challenge.