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Daniel - Poker Journal

A Little No Limit Hold'em

10 Apr 2005

I had a meeting at 9:00pm down at the Bellagio and planned on playing a little poker after the meeting was over. Unfortunately, for the third night in a row the big players didn't get together and there was no game.

My friend who I was meeting with was playing in a $100-$200 blind no limit hold'em game- his game of choice. When we got back from the meeting the game appeared to break but when he returned, so did the players! I find it rather humorous actually because my buddy is a winning player and isn't the type of guy you want to build a game around.

After realizing there would be no big game and since I had to wait for a friend to arrive with some money for me, I decided to sit down in the game for a while and kill some time.

It boggled my mind how easy this game was? It's not the type of game where you are going to win $100,000 or anything like that, but man if you wanted to pick up $5000 to $10,000 it seemed as though it would be pretty easy to do.

I was chipping away aggressively, playing well over 50% of the hands yet never taking any silly risks. Before I knew it I was up about $10,000. Then my friend Allen Cunningham sat down with us and I decided to have a little fun.

I decided that I'd just try to bluff Allen every single hand that he played! On hand one, he raised to $600 on the button and I called from the big blind with 2 5 off suit.

The flop came K-6-3 with two clubs and I bet right out, $800. Allen reluctantly called and it lead me to believe that he didn't have a King. The turn card came a 7, and I decided to bet right out again, $1600.

Allen thought for a while, and finally threw his hand away claiming, "That card was too scary." He later told me that he mucked JJ. Of course he got to see my hand as I was definitely going to show him this one!

About a round later Allen raised to $600 again on the button, and this time with Q-4 off suit I decided to re-raise him $2000 more. He called and I thought to myself, "Oops!"

This time the flop came 9 10 J giving me an open ended straight draw. Frankly I hated the flop because it was too likely that Allen hit some of that board. Nonetheless, I fired out a bet of $3000.

Allen thought for a little while and finally called. "Ok thatís trouble" I thought to myself. I wasn't about to bluff anymore, so when the turn came a blank I checked and Allen moved all in for about $14,000.

I mucked the hand and quit a few rounds later up only $1200. Allen quit shortly thereafter and we decided to catch up on old times since we hardly ever see each other or spend any time together anymore.

Melissa joined us at the piano bar and the conversation was really good. We talked politics, poker, poker politics, love, marriage, business, Michael Moore, and several other interesting topics. Its conversations like those that I really miss.

After a couple of Infusions (a light vodka drink they serve there) it was time for bed. I've had three days to write ten columns and of course put the last nine off until the very last minute.

So with so much going on in the city tonight, I'll be on the laptop cranking out columns. How fun!