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31 Hours of Poker

02 Mar 2005

I knew that the 4000-8000 mixed game was schedule to start at around 2:00pm today but I slept in a little bit and didn't make it downstairs until about 5:00pm.

When I sat down it was pretty much the same old crew, Doyle Brunson, Eli Elezra, Chau Giang, Gus Hansen, Chip Reese, and Phil Ivey. Before I sat down I'd already decided that I was going to play a long session and hopefully make a big score.

Well, so much for the "big score" plan. About 10 hours into play I was down about half a million dollars. Most of the high limit players were flying out in the morning to head back to Vegas, so at 5:00am it was just the losers left.

Chau head off to meet the others at 9:00am while Gus, Phil, and myself all decided to stay in San Diego all day and keep playing. Each of us was stuck (still losing) but I was clearly in the worst shape. At my low point, I topped the 1.3 million dollar mark.

In a previous blog I mentioned a couple hundred thousand dollars as being "manageable". Well, 1.3 million dollars is certainly not manageable!

As the night wore on all of us were pretty delirious. Laughing at any and all jokes whether they were funny or not. Phil finally turned to me and said, "You finally broke your cherry." I didn't have to ask him what he meant by that, I totally understood that he was referring to being stuck a million dollars in a poker game.

So yes, my cherry was broken but my spirits weren't. 20 hours in and I was just hoping to close the gap to within a million. That sounds crazy just writing it to tell you the truth. Nevertheless, I would have been happy to lose less than a million since I won $600,000 the night before. -$300,000 over two days wouldn't be all that bad I thought.

So I kept plugging away and by hour number 25 I was within about $900,000 of being even. After winning two hundred thousand in a three way capped pot in pot limit Omaha I was back in business. The hand was pretty amazing:

Me: Js-10d-7d-9s
Gus: 5-6-x-x
Phil Ivey: As Ks-x-x

The flop came down 10s 7s 4h. Ivey bet out 20,000, Gus raised the pot and I capped it off three ways for a $300,000 pot. The turn was an off suit 3 giving Gus the best hand with a straight, but the beautiful 8h hit the river giving me the nuts straight.

After that pot I went on a rush of a lifetime. Not only did I get back within half a million, after 31 hours of play I ended the session down "just" $114,000. I went on a rush that saw me win $1.2 million in just a few hours.

I won $598,000 the night before so all told the trip to San Diego was worth $484,000. Of course, that could have just as easily looked like -$600,000. It's a big game to say the least, were million dollar rushes happen quite often.

I'm in bed now debating my plans for tomorrow. I've pretty much ruled out flying to San Jose for the PPT event tomorrow. For one, I wouldn't be well rested enough and I promised myself to only play tournaments when Iím up for the task. Two, it would be tough to take the tournament seriously since just last night I was flipping coins at $100,000 a pop while first place in the PPT is $225,000.

Looks like the plan is to get a good night's sleep, maybe a solid 16 hour nap and then head back to Vegas and prepare for the NHPC (National Heads UP Poker Championship) on NBC in a few days.

I had my assistant Travis fly out to San Diego to drive the truck back which clears up that problem, so all I'm left to do now is book a flight when I wake up... whenever that is.