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Double or Nothing

09 Dec 2004

I was really disappointed last night. I was looking forward to my match with Eli Elezra and I didn't have a chance. Eli's wife could have beat me the way the cards went. I flopped two pair... he rivered a straight... I flopped trips... he rivered a straight.

From hand #1 I was losing and never got even. It was a massacre in every sense, and I honestly think that I played pretty good. I just had no chance as the cards were spitting in my face.

After the match I had dinner with Erick Lindgren, Jennifer Harman and her husband Marco. It had been a while since Erick and I had gotten together, we talked about it so many times but never actually made it happen.

At dinner we talked about life, poker, relationships, etc. Typical stuff that good friends talk about. As we were finishing dinner we were joined by Josh "The Terrible" Arieh. Since the ESPN broadcast were Josh acted like a jerk he has been labeled as a bad guy. Of course I actually know him, and know that he is a great father, husband, and friend. I can't excuse his childish behavior at the WSOP but I'm also aware that you can't judge someone's character based on clips from a TV show. It's unfair, but at the same time Josh did behave badly. Hopefully Josh will have time to redeem himself in the future. I think he will.

So with Josh now in the mix we decided to head over to PT's Pub to play some pool. I used to be a good pool player, but that was snooker and that was some time ago. I'm still "ok" but am no match for Josh when he is playing well.

We started out playing cut throat, Josh, Erick and I. We spotted Erick 2-1 on his money but it was pretty obvious that he couldn't win a game. Finally Marco showed up and we decided to play partners. Erick and I against Josh and Marco.

The first game was for $100 a man. Josh ran the table and it was time for "double or nothing." This time, Marco actually sank the black ball so it was again time for "double or nothing."

We lost the next one, "double or nothing" and the next one, "double or nothing. Down $800 a piece we all agreed that this would be the last game since Marco had to leave, "double or nothing?" Sure, why not.

Erick and I had that game won but we both choked horribly, "Ok last game, one more time guys. "Double or nothing." Do any of you actually believe that this was going to be the last game? Didn't think so.

We blew that one too and were now down $3200 each. Oh my this is getting crazy. We were all having a great time though and told Marco, "You can't leave now! One more game, honest this is the last game for sure."

Marco finally agreed and we tried "double or nothing" one last time. It ended up being the last game, but only because we finally won one! After Marco left, Josh and I continued to play and stuck with the theme "double or nothing" on every game.

Then the weirdest thing happened: Some huge, voluptuous blonde girl at the bar comes up to me and says, "I just had to have a drink with the best poker player in the world." In her right hand I see a shot for her, and in her left hand a shot for me. Guess what it was? You guessed it, a Jaeger Bomb! When she told me what it was I couldn't stop laughing, what am I a Jaeger Bomb magnet these days?

Josh and I played for hours, and after doubling up bet after bet we ended the night dead even. An awesome result for me since I was usually the one saying, "double or nothing" I got to bed at around 5:30am with no delusions of waking up the next morning to play the tournament.


My phone rang non-stop all morning. When I finally woke up at 2:30 in the afternoon I checked my phone and had 23 messages. A few were important, but most could wait till later to answer. I walked Mushu around the block and spent the rest of the day playing Nascar 2003 (I suck at it) and catching up on some Tivo.

I’m really getting into this Survivor show. I can’t wait till they vote off Eliza, I’ve been rooting for her to get knocked off the island since the first episode. Women like that really annoy me. Those facial expressions she makes when she is mad make me want to scream, “You are so annoying!”

I really like Twila. She is a hard working woman that isn’t caught up in “girly” things and is a real team player. I wish she wouldn’t have swore on her son, but I’m sure she genuinely regrets doing it. I didn’t like Ami too much either, too much “Queen Bee” for my taste.

Lastly there is Chris. On the first episode I didn’t like the guy at all. Seemed like white trash to me talking about how he is great at manipulating people, etc. Man has my tune changed! Chris, you’ve made me a believer.

With seven left he was the last man standing and was destined to go home. A twist in the alliance and now Chris has ALL of the power. He is all but guaranteed a final three spot against Scout and Twila. Chris did a fantastic job on Survivor: Vanatu and I have to say that I hope he wins, if not Twila. Ok, I just realized that I’m rambling now, enough about Survivor.

It’s 11:14pm right now and I’m going to watch a DVD set called “One Step Closer to Jesus.” I don’t know if it’s any good but my eyes are too tired to read right now. Maybe I'll give you all a report tomorrow. Good night all.