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Feeling Better...

08 Dec 2004

I woke up this morning and felt great. I got a good night's sleep, had time to not only shower but shave as well. Wow, lol. I got to the Bellagio on time, breakfast in my belly and a clear head.

The game was pot limit omaha and I was playing pretty well for the most part. I got unlucky on a few pots here and there, and followed that up with some sloppy play that did me in.

Only this time I didn't get down on myself. I've come to realize that, "That's just who I am." If I'm not motivated to play in smaller tournaments then that's just me. I've always been more of a "playoff performer" rising to the occasion when my back is against the wall. I don't feel that pressure right now and am simply not able to focus on playing my best at these events.

That's ok. Honestly. I got knocked out of the event and just couldn't wait to play my first match of the 25K heads up limit hold'em tournament. This event sounds like loads of fun and I am absolutely certain that I will play my absolute best.

The event is prestigious to me and I love heads up tournaments. I'm so excited right now I just can't wait to play... I haven't felt that even once during the entire Bellagio event. Again, that's ok!

In fact, I'm suddenly happy realizing that I can still gear up for a big event. The 25K heads up and the WPT final are what I have my eyes on. I skipped all of the smaller tournaments this year and I think a bi-product of that is that I have done BETTER overall in tournament poker. I am always fresh for the big events and really look forward to them.

Even if Juanda goes on to pass me before the 25K and the WPT event I STILL feel like I'll win it. That is a good feeling considering the fact that I've been so down on myself lately. I feel great, despite the fact that I've played horrendously for the last week or so. I feel great, because I know that I haven't "lost it", I know that it's just part of my make up, part of who I am.

I'm not proud of the fact that I lack focus in smaller events, that's not what I'm saying at all. What I am saying, is that I realize that it's a weakness of mine and am ok with that. Nobody's perfect.

So, right now I'm at home preparing for my match tonight with Eli Elezra. Eli is a great short handed player, especially in limit hold'em. I play with Eli in the big cash games in Vegas and we know each other's games very well. He has a lot of respect for my game and the feeling is mutual. I will keep you all updated on the event. Below is a list of entrants and the brackets in which they play:

Jeff Lisandro vs
Bruno Fitoussi

Carlos Mortenson vs
Erik(213) Sagstrom

Eli Elezra vs
Daniel Negreanu

Erick Lindgren vs
John(Jdags) D'Agostino

Barry Greenstein vs
Jennifer Harman

Mimi Tran vs
David Oppenhiem

John Juanda vs
Allen Cunningham

Howard Lederer vs
Craig Singer