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Operation Destroy Juanda... (yawn)

05 Dec 2004

Seriously, I am so bored with these tournaments. I have never liked the atmosphere at the Bellagio tournaments. We play out where the slot machines are so it's impossible to hear yourself think, not to mention the smoke from the rail. People aren't supposed to smoke on the rail but they often ignore that rule.

In fact, the other day there was this little old man smoking by the rail. I kindly said, "I'm sorry sir, you aren't allowed to smoke there." He nodded, but didn't move an inch.

He was a cute old man, looked a lot like Gargamel from the Smurfs. A few seconds went by and I said, "You aren't going to move are you?" He smirked at me and shook his head. I actually started laughing out loud at that point.

I mean really, I could have taken this guy I know it! I have the reach, speed and boxing skills but I thought better of it. The guy was like 4 feet 8 inches tall. So instead of showing him some of the moves I've been working on, I called the floorman over and he took care of him. Imagine the nerve of some people?

So anyway, I hardly showed up to the Pot Limit Hold'em event. I was there on time, but my heart was clearly not in it. I made a really stupid call and was out by 1:00pm.

With so much free time I met Jennifer and her husband Marco at Whole Foods for lunch. After that we did a little shopping and then I head home to catch up on some Tivo. Caught some more horrifying stories about the back door draft that's currently going on in this country and it made me so sick that I had to turn it off.

It was sick. A 47 year old man with bad legs is being forced to go to Iraq. A 31 year old mother with three children forced to fight in Iraq. A 55, yes I said 55 year old woman called to duty in Iraq? How can this happen? Makes me furious just thinking about it.


So this morning was the $2000 NL hold'em worth about 1300 Player of the Year points. I had no idea how John ended up in the event yesterday at that point and I had a nervous walk up to the podium to see the results sheet.

Oh no his name is right there! But wait... LOL yes, he finished 14th! In order to get any points, you have to make the last table. So I saw John on the way to my table and offered him a heartfelt congratulations on his excellent finish, "I'm so proud of you John, good job. You won almost $4000, wow you must have played fantastic."

John took the needle in stride, "You have no idea how lucky you got last night. Man, I had it." So that makes two tournaments where John has cashed so far but really I've been dodging bullets.

I knew this tournament would be very important, but I had absolutely no interest in it for some reason. Sitting at that table, it was the last place I wanted to be.

I didn't play badly, but I didn't really try that hard either. By 3:00pm I was out and Juanda had a huge stack. I had lunch at Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba with a young pro named Travis. Kid is 20 years old, been married for two years and has two kids. When I was 20? Well, let's just not go there...

So once again I get valuable couch time and got in a little X-BOX time. Mr. Stuart Appelby, you are now officially history! While playing I was getting updates through instant messenger on John's progress. Evelyn was at his table and gave me the scoop, "I have 37,000 and John has 26,000 with 60 players left." Oh no, that's not good news. "John just lost a pot and is down to 8500." Ok, now that's good news. "John is out." Now that there is some real good news!

Phew, I escaped another threat. Still no points for me, but Juanda has only cut into the lead by 84 points so I still have a 342 point lead. Time is running out on John, and if I can manage to get inspired somehow, maybe I'll actually do some damage down there... don't hold your breath



On another note, my fiance's mother Sandi was kind enough to answer that question I was asked the other day. You know, the one about whether or not God could make a rock so big that he couldn't lift it? Well the part I got wrong was that God cannot do everything. For example, he can't sin, he can't lie, etc. Anyway, if you are interested here is what she sent me about the subject:

Can God make a rock so big that even he canít lift it? If he canít lift it then he is not all-powerful. Then the rock has become more powerful than God and whatever is more powerful than God is God. God has infinite qualities not finite, God can only do things that are possible he canít make square circles or a two sided triangle. It is asking God to bring about a logically contradictory state to his own nature.

This is what is called a category mistake to say he can make something he canít lift. Itís like asking a bachelor what his wifeís name is? What does the color yellow taste like? Color doesnít taste. Itís not possible for God to make a rock so big that even he canít lift it. If he can make it he can lift it. If he can create it , he can destroy it. . It does not show that God has a limit to his power, which means he does not possess infinite power. This means whatever he created is under his jurisdiction under his control, it can never have equality.

"Whatever implies being and nonbeing simultaneously is incompatible with the absolute possibility which falls under divine omnipotence. Such a contradiction is not subject to it, not from any impotence in God, but because it simply does not have the nature of being feasible or possible. Whatever, then, does not involve a contradiction is in the realm of the possible with respect to which God is omnipotent. Whatever involves a contradiction is not within the scope of omnipotence because it cannot qualify for possibility. Better, however, to say that it cannot be done, rather than God cannot do it." (T. Aquinas Summa Theologica p. 163-164 , Volume I, ques. 15 ans. 3)