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Las Vegas Trip Report

18 Nov 2004

So flying out of Foxwoods back to Las Vegas I got a little lucky. I had a friend who’d charted a private plane back to Vegas and had a seat open. Sweet. Flying private is insanely expensive but man, sometimes it just seems so worth it.

No security check, no waiting around. You just get to the airport and go when you are ready. This was a rather nice plane and I actually had an opportunity to sleep on a couch, too perfect.

I got in to Vegas around 3:00pm. My wait for a cab was longer than my wait to get on the plane. A cab didn’t show up for at least half an hour. Finally a cab came and I had to weed through rush hour traffic in Las Vegas. Not quite as bad as LA but it’s getting there.

I got home a little after 4:00pm and was so excited to see my little Mushu. I missed him so much. Lori was out with a friend running errands so we’d planned on having an 8:30pm dinner at Nobu at the Hard Rock Café.

In the meantime Mushu and I vegged on the couch watching Real World/Road Rules Battle of the Sexes, Real World, The Surreal Life, and Survivor Vanatu. Who me a reality TV freak? No, not me.

I had to cut the vegging short and hop in the shower for dinner. It was four of us for dinner. My fiance Lori and I, and two of her best friends from back home in Grand Rapids, MI. Matt and Amy. The plan was a late dinner followed by a fun night at the Comedy Stop- Las Vegas’ number one comedy club.

I don’t go to Nobu often, but it seems like every time I do go the same waiter waits on us. He puts together an awesome vegetarian medley for me which makes looking at the menu unnecessary.

At dinner I went on and on about how awesome the Comedy Stop was. Never had I gone there and seen a poor show. Two of the three comics are always awesome.

So we were all stuffed and ready to head over to the Tropicana. We get there right in time for the 10:30pm show and I couldn’t be more excited. I love stand up.

So here we go! The first guy comes out and he’s “ok.” A little too vulgar for my taste, but average overall. If you simply use cursing and vulgarity alone as the premise for your jokes it just shows that there really is no meat to your comedy.

I lean over to my buddy Matt, “They always get better. The first guy is just the intro guy but the second and third guy are the real deal.”

So here comes the second guy… oh my. Embarrassingly bad. His shtick was basically to yell out unfunny jokes with the same intonation for every joke. It was horrifying. If they would have dropped a bomb like this one on Afghanistan we definitely would have gotten Bin Laden. See that? That was weak humor. However, it was probably funnier than anything this dude had to say.

I looked over at my fiance and she was smiling. The comic would say something unfunny and she would smile at him and let out a little laugh. It made me feel good inside to see her do that. I don’t for any second believe she thought the guy was funny, she just genuinely felt his pain and was trying to be comforting. Lori is full of compassion and that’s one of the many things I just love about her.

She didn’t complain about how bad he sucked. Instead she put on a brave face and helped make the experience a little more bearable for a comic who was probably going through a traumatic experience.

So now it was time for the headliner and he really had his work cut out for him. The small crowd was restless and tense. This guy would have to come up big to save the evening. He came out cursing and telling high school jokes and I knew rather quickly that this would go down as the worst show I’d ever seen. I felt so bad for the paying customers I felt like coming out of pocket myself and giving everybody a refund.

What a shame. I’ll go back there though. I’ve been there at least 15 times and had a good experience 14 times. I was due for a bomb I guess.

Anyway, last night we had dinner at 9, a hip restaurant at the Palms. Later, we head up to the Ghost Bar for a drink or two and I ran into a few friends there.

The girls seemed a little bored so we went downstairs and played a little Caribbean Stud, blackjack, roulette (I’m just the best roulette player in history), and finally some Wheel of Fortune Slots.

I didn’t want to stay too long. Why? Guess… I had a flight to catch in the morning. So once again, I’m sitting here waiting for a flight back to Foxwoods. Jennifer is at the final of the PPT and I have an interview scheduled with 60 Minutes which is way cool. I actually Tivo 60 minutes.

I’m there for the 19th and then back on a plane to Vegas…